Devotional 6/9

O LORD our God, others have ruled over us, but your name alone is the name we will mention. Isaiah 26:13

Even when my strength is lost, I’ll praise you/ Even when I have no song, I’ll praise you/ Even when it’s hard to find the words, louder then, I’ll sing your praise

Even when it hurts, Hillsong

In life we will not only feel enslaved, but also be enslaved through the thoughts we come in agreement with. Without knowing so, many of us have been guilty of making ourselves victims of Satan’s lies. He has gained access into our lives by deceiving us into believing his lies: sickness, disease, financial status, relationship status and self perception. If Satan can get you to believe one of his lies, his job is done. What do you identify with? For the person who believes that they are sick: they will inevitably by faith become sick. To the person who believes deep down, that they are “forever alone”, will manifest their belief. And the person who lacks mercy towards themselves, will undoubtedly walk in self condemnation.

Having lived with depression and lascivia for a long time, I can testify that it sucks to be held captive. It is something overpowering, which steals your will and dominates your thought life and emotions. Depression, lust, addictions, anxiety, and many other things are as the scripture says, others who ruled over us.

Today in the body of Christ, we can observed that even the saved have other rulers. Rulership refers to someone or something which makes itself Lord over one: because it is to be served and obeyed. We may love the lord, and serve him, even be mature in the lord but we all experience captivity in one area of our lives or another.

  • Idolaters of material things (lust for money, clothes, cars, etc)
  • Seekers of lust (thrill seekers, addictions to pleasure, wantonness, greed, self indulgence/gratification)
  • Those with strongholds in their lives, whether acknowledged or denied (pessimism, depression, self victimization, powerlessness, etc)

By God’s strength, and through grace we will be slaves to only one: Jesus Christ. Even while being at times overruled, like Paul and Silas- we can choose to praise the one true and living God! Like the people of Israel, we can proclaim the name of our God even while being in captivity of Assyria, Babylonia or in past times Egypt.

We can understand from the scripture that the Lord extends His Spirit, for us to be able to acknowledge and praise His name while we wait for deliverance. Although Jesus has saved us, He is also saving us and will be saving us. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever: God is always working. The Lord gives us power through His grace to exalt and serve Him despite of the realities we see.

With the help of Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ is THE NAME: 

We acknowledge

We confess

We praise and worship

We call to

Let’s pray:

Jehovah, Almighty and wonderful God. You are lord of all, majestic and righteous in all your ways, there is none like you and besides you there is no other. There is no other name, but Jesus. You are our help in time of need, you are our strong tower, our refuge and deliverer. Thank you for this word, and yet again reminding us that it is through you, by your grace, your power, your Spirit that we are able to stand and proclaim your greatness. I thank you. I pray for all the believers today who may be surrounded by sin, unbelievers, blasphemers, and even those who may be held captive by paradigms the enemy has programmed into their thinking, and those who lack self control and conviction to discipline their flesh… God we ask you for your mighty power through Holy Spirit to put and keep you first in our lives. May you do a new thing, that we may bring glory to your name’s like Paul, Silas and the people of Israel did. In the only name which was given to man to be saved, the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene I pray, Amen.


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