Devotional 6/17

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Psalm 37:23

I cannot control everything that comes into my life, but I can choose what I magnify. Steven Furtick

All knowing, All powerful, All seeing, Wonderful and Magnificent God, thank you for giving us new mercies each morning. Thank you that as long as we have life, we are able to awaken with hope in our hearts. Thank you for our health and our lives in general, and forgive us if we don’t thank you enough.

Today, I present to you the hearts and minds of your people and those who are not yet in the sheepfold. May you bring the dead hearts to life through your Holy Spirit. As your word says, the same spirit whom raised Jesus from the dead lives in us so there is always a possibility for you to do a work in us and in our lives. Please guard us from criticizing, condemning and even from losing heart when we feel the pressures of life. Renew our minds and convictions and give our hearts confidence. Even when we are tired of ourselves, or situations in life- thank you that you make all things new and set crooked paths straight.

Thank you for the trade off at Calvary, where you traded our damnation for your life. May you touch the hearts of those who live a self-centered life, a life of mistrust or a life of resentment. Guard our hearts from fear, familiar spirits and lies of the devil! No matter what we face, be it doubt, disappointment, obstacles, temptations, or tragedy may we face all things with courage and boldness, but above all I ask you for peace. May the weak say they are strong, Help us all to not lose heart.

May we not judge anything according to our feelings and emotions, but may we receive your discernment to judge rightly, as you do. Nothing is too hard for you, may we continue to overcome our weakness and shortcomings, may we not keep your unconditional love nor the gospel to ourselves. Help us to see people like you do, so that we would grow in love and evangelism!

I pray you continue to prepare and qualify us for the good works, missions and assignments you have separated for us to do here in earth. May your word continue to wash us, may your blood continue to be a truth to us that we have been redeemed. Protect us from pride, desperation and any other spirit which may cause us to act outside of wisdom Jesus.In the matchless and invincible name of Jesus I pray, Amen!


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