Devotional 6/20

But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil. Psalm 92:10

Praise is God’s sunlight in the heart. It destroys sin germs. It ripens the fruit of the Spirit. It is the oil of gladness that lubricates life’s activities.
Smith Wigglesworth

The King James version of the bible is the most accurate translation of the scriptures, and it uses the word unicorn to exemplify the power and strength of God. I thought it was interesting so I went into my own research to find out what is up with bible speaking about unicorns! The scientific name of the Asian One-Horned Rhinoceros is Rhinoceros unicornis: which tells me that sometime in history these animals names varied. In the Latin and Hebrew translations of the scriptures using the word unicorn, refers to “beast with a horn.”

So now that we clarified that unicorns are not like the mythological beings, unicorns, we can move on! God tells us in the scripture, that He will exalt our horn like that of a unicorn. These beats with horns use their horns to kill their prey, to defend themselves and to carry their children. So if we apply this to our lives, we can understand that God will exalt an essential area of our lives related to our strength.See the source image


  • esteem, hold in high regard, upgrade, elevate, raise, promote, improve status of, advance, aggrandize.
  • enhance the reputation of (someone) beyond what is justified by the facts.
  • increase the power, status, or wealth of.
God is willing to establish us in His kingdom, but it all depends on our convictions. We are able to conquer and subdue our enemies, and be exalted above them. Maybe you have an enemy called poverty, or enemy called depression… but God says today that He will increase your strength over your enemies!


The Psalmist also says I shall be anointed with fresh oil, which can be understood as I will be separated by the Holy Spirit and receive a supply of grace for gifts to operate, joy to live, and comforts to heal! In Isaiah 61:3, the prophet says that God gives ‘the oil of gladness to replace the mourning’. So again if your enemies make you sad, anxious or frustrated… God says He will take all those symptoms away, and trade them with the oil of happiness.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I stand in the gap for all who are weary, who’s energy and motivation is dragging. I stand in the gap for those who feel that their situation is unchanging and that feel powerless as well. I pray you would strengthen us all, and those around us who may worry or feel sad or afraid for us. Touch us afresh by your Holy Spirit, knowing and believing that one touch from you can make all the difference to believers and unbelievers alike. We need your joy to replace all the tired parts of our minds, bodies, and emotions. I rebuke the lies the enemy tells us to go into isolation, apathy and despair. May you show yourself mighty on our behalf, hide us in you and cover us in the blood of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus over those who are depressed, hopeless and grieving. I ask you to uproot all seeds planted by the devil, to keep us bound to these negative emotions. I rebuke, bind and cast out the spirit of suicide from out of our spirits and minds in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Fight on our behalf God, let us not lose any to premature death, nor by suicide. You are the All powerful, and the All knowing and you are the God who sees all of us; the God who sees even those who are represented by Hagar in the bible, you are EL ROI. And I know you fight for us, like you fought for your people in the bible, and you told them THE ENEMIES YOU SEE TODAY, YOU WILL SEE THEM NO MORE! I pray this revelations comes to all those going through hard times. In Jesus name, Amen.

See the source image


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