Devotional 6/23

And these people earned a good reputation because of their faith, yet none of them received all that God had promised. Hebrews 11:39

Everything we receive in Jesus is received through the congruence of faith and grace.

The Bible is full of stories of God’s faithfulness, His justice, His favor, His mercy and His grace. We see a God of favor with Rachel and Hannah who received their hearts desires, after having them suffer a while. In the story of Joseph we see a God of purpose, who turned around what the enemy means for harm to bless them. With David, we see a forgiving God who is not mocked because He has no favoritism and does not cancel out the law of reaping and sowing. With the Israelites we see a merciful, yet just God who punished rebellion. In the case of Jacob, we get to know a God of transformation. And with Ahab, and Jezebel we know a God who fights injustice and evil. In the book of Esther we meet a God who rewards humility, and faithfulness. And when meditating on Rahab from Jericho and Ruth the Moabite, neither of Jewish descent- we come to know a God who has no favoritism extending His love to outsiders. And in the New Testament we get to know a God who prepares and qualifies us through grace to serve in His kingdom.

With all the stories of the Bible, we can get to know God a little more. Our duties as believers is to apply the scriptures to our situations, be they what they be. The word of God is the living word, and the same scripture from yesterday can apply and work in our lives in a different situation today. God is always working in our lives, He is able to affect our circumstances by one word- even a word we have memorized.

By faith all the people obtained what God had promised them, yet it seems a paradox because many of them did not physically see the accomplishment of their promise/s. The mystery of this scripture is that these people did receive them, and the future generations reaped the benefits.

The scriptures are clear when they say that WE who come to God must believe that He is. And that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him but it does not guarantee that our eyes will see God’s promises in our day. And that is okay, as long as we believe that our legacy to this world is God’s promises.

Let’s pray:

Father God, omniscient, always on time God. I pray that we all get to a place in you where regardless of what you do our joy and perseverance would be relentless. I ask you to activate your word in our lives, believing that by your power you can change every and any area of our lives. I pray you would increase our faith, where it may be weak. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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