Devotional 6/24

Some people have given up the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. Hebrews 10:25

May the passion to be all that God wants you to be sweep across your soul like a gentle breeze.

T.D Jakes

We are all flawed people, and we will all make mistakes, selfish decisions and even find ourselves in situations that threaten our spiritual walks. But despite it all, I personally believe that if we push ourselves to come closer to God (despite of sin and faults), He will come closer to us. And His word will work in our Spirit.

Church is not a place for perfect people, and it’s not a school or a social club… it’s a place to celebrate your relationship with the Most High God together with others.. and here you are able to receive the word of life. Don’t let anything or any one stop you from church. Take breaks when you need to, but don’t forsake.

I’ve said in the past that even if I’m dogged out in sin, I will drag myself to church because God is worthy of my perseverance and I am fully convinced that He is able to do something good in any and all of our circumstances through His Spirit & His word, which are Spirit.

Thank God for the freedom we have in the US to have and freely attend church. Many around the world are killed for being Christians, and hide in caves to celebrate God. We are privileged.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, you are Lord of the harvest and we believe that you are all powerful and that your word is infallible. We believe that your word is living and active! It pierces to the divide the soul and the spirit, the joints and the marrow of the bones. We know that it is discerning of our thoughts and the intentions of our hearts, and we rely on your spirit to work. You said that we will not live only according to what the flesh is fed, but what our spirit is fed and we rest in you to bring our entire beings into life in your timing. And we rely on your word to cast down strongholds and to cast out demons from our lives. We give you glory and honor, for your word being revealed to us, your babes. In Jesus name, Amen.


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