Devotional 7/4

For You have been my help, and in the shadow of Your wings [where I am always protected] I sing for joy. Psalm 63:7

God’s love does protect us from suffering. God’s love protects us in the midst of suffering.
Hans Kung

Lord God, thank you for your presence and company. Thank you for your faithfulness, and patience towards us. You have plans to prosper us, to give us hope for the future not to destroy us or make us worrisome. I thank you for this.

Today I present to you all of our cares and worries, your word says that you answer us before we speak a word. But on behalf of everyone I pray for our finances, our health, our mind states and our families wellbeing. I also present to you our job, and responsibilities like ministries, and appointed purposes which you have revealed. I pray for the strength of buffalos so that we may overachieve our goals. And for those people who do not have any goals in place, I pray for vision and direction in their life.

I pray Lord Jesus for open doors of favor, and for us all to break out of our comfort zones in order to reach your high calling.

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We praise you Lord. And we know that you are for us, and no demon or principality can overcome us. Give us a dose of your perfect love so that we may overcome any and all fears which torment us every now and then.

I pray you break cycles of addictions, whether physical or mental. And I pray for those people whose faith has been shaken, increase our convictions according to your word. I pray for those people who are single, may they be found by the person who will help them in their walk with you. May those who are in relationships, which were not orchestrated by you be broken but protect each individuals heart in the process. I pray for you to reveal yourself to those people who have not yet received you as lord and savior. May your Holy Spirit draw their hearts to you God.

God bless America. Protect our land from evil attacks. Send your ministers to the streets of America while we still have the freedom. I pray for wisdom for all women who are pregnant, and I pray for protection over these wombs. I pray for those who have desired to conceive yet have not seen their joy come to pass, touch their wombs Lord and open them to conception.

I pray for marriages to be restored, and may what the locust has devoured be restored 10 fold. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!


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