Devotional 7/6

I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. Romans 7:25

The power of the human spirit inspires me. Movies, books, stories, people, anything that reminds us that we are more than just this physical body and our capacity for love and courage, can bend reality.

Caity Lotz

We are not our body. Our bodies are simply the instrument God designed to carry us through this world, but we are more than this body. We all know that God looks at our hearts, He is not fooled by appearance like we are. But even our hearts are wicked, and as the Bible says deceptive! Every once in a while we have to ask God to purify our hearts, because we can get contaminated or clogged by circumstances, expectations and setbacks.The Bible says that to be carnal minded is death, but if we are spiritually minded: it is life. So how can we serve God with the mind, but also be in sin with our flesh? This is why Romans 7 exists; Paul understood that to be spiritually minded is stronger than the flesh.

God gives sinners over to a reprobate mind when their flesh and their mind are in agreement to sin and it’s pleasures. But as long as there is disagreement with sin in the mind, the flesh cannot over power it. As long as the mind can tug at the flesh and it’s impulsivity, God can give us the victory over sin.


  • sensual, fleshly, animal all refer to bodily rather than rational or spiritual aspects of humans
  • the body as opposed to the spirit
  • Sexual needs or urges
  • Cravings, attractions, satisfactions

The flesh is not all bad, right? It enables us to eat, drink, love, travel, and enjoy life in general.But these things shouldn’t be our driving force: this is what the Bible refers to as being carnally minded. Carnally minded is to be led or controlled by what the flesh dictates. And unfortunately the flesh is selfish: self minded, self centered, self governed, self involved…. self, self, self!

If we choose to be flesh minded, the flesh becomes our guide and best friend: if we become spiritually minded, the Spirit becomes our guide and best friend, and subjects the flesh to it’s authority! If we are flesh minded, we cannot serve God: not fully, not happily anyway, we can only serve our flesh. To be carnally minded is to follow the wickedness of the fallen nature of mankind. But if we are spiritually minded, we will be convicted when serving anything but the Spirit. We must choose who will be our master, will it be the flesh or will it be the Spirit?

Let’s pray:

Father of Lights, Lord of heaven, Lord of all. Thank you for your holy word, and your Spirit inside of us, for your ministering angels, and the people who we can call friends in the faith. I lift up this prayer for those who have mental battles with things of this world, and of the flesh: I pray that we would receive more grace to discipline our thoughts to be spiritually inclined. I pray you would enable us to put away childish things, like behaviors and thought patterns of our youth. May you allow us to experience paradigm shifts, and breakthroughs to walk according to your Spirit despite of the struggles we face being in this body. I pray for a sense of responsibility and self control to awaken in each believer, despite of the situation they are living through at the moment. I thank you in advance for what you are doing, in Jesus name. Amen!


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