Devotional 7/19

In whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit. Ephesians 2:22

Should anyone knock at my heart and say, ‘who lives here?’ I should reply ‘not Martin Luther, but the Lord Jesus Christ’.

Martin Luther

Everything we need to live a godly life, has been given to us. If we have welcomed the Lord into our hearts, despite of the weaknesses, the doubts and even the fears: God wants to make a home in our bodies. I remember years ago ministering to a young guy, he knew God but it was hard for him to believe with heart. The Holy Spirit is a gentlemen, He first knocks on the doors of our hearts.

The first step towards God is for us to believe He is. We can think God is real, but at the same time think He May not be: so God needs us to believe in our hearts. The second step is to invite God unto our lives. The Lord doesn’t mind if we ask Him to reveal Himself because we are not sure that He exists. And He does not mind if we believe He is a higher being somewhere, or that all gods are God: as long as we ask HIM to show Himself real to us.

Love desires closeness: have you ever loved someone and desires to be far from them? The Lord is a jealous God, but He is also merciful towards us. He longs to be with His loved ones, it’s the entire story of the Bible. The Lord’s desire is that we yearn to be with Him as well.

In the beginning He was in the garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve. Then He walked with the Israelites in glory, a glory of Fire by night and a cloud of glory by day. He eventually had them build the ark of the covenant where His glory rested. Then during the time of kingdoms, He had the people build Him a temple to dwell in. And when the promised Messiah came, He had to return to heaven so that He May send His Spirit to us. And He did!

The Lord Jesus desires to walk with us at all times, He even promised to never leave us nor forsake us. This means God promises to never leave us alone, and to never leave us emotionally. Once we open the door for Him to enter into our lives, He comes to live in us. The Lord of heaven and earth desires to be with us forever, and death cannot separate us from Him!

Let’s pray:

Father God, we believe you sent Jesus Christ the Messiah, to save us from this world, the enemy our souls and from your wrath. We choose to believe that He died on the cross to restore our relationship with you Father. We ask that you reveal to us that He is the son of God, and that we are forgiven of our guilt and shame. Help us change our selfish ways, our pride and our habitual sins. We welcome you into our hearts and lives, finish your work in us so that we may be with you from now and even into eternity. Thank you Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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