Devotional 8/8

Clearly, then, I gain nothing by keeping my thoughts pure! What good is it to keep myself from sin? God, I suffer all day long,and you punish me every morning. I wanted to tell others these things, but that would have made me a traitor to your people. I tried hard to understand all this, but it was too hard for me. Psalm 73: 13-16 

Life is not fair, get used to it.
Bill Gates

Lord God, you are so good to us, to those whose hearts are pure. I almost slipped and lost my balance, and almost became bound by sin.  I saw that wicked, the fake and the religious were successful, and I became jealous of them because they are proud people. They are healthy, they have great lives and don’t have to struggle to survive. They don’t suffer like the rest of us. They don’t even have troubles like we do, they are proud and hateful. They look good on the outside, they are even wealthy; if they want something, they have no problem in getting it. They do whatever they want. Yet we cannot do the same.
They make fun of others and say cruel things about them, they make people laugh with their ridicule and their sarcasm, but in all this they hurt people. They like to hurt people both physically, and mentally and they are proud of their behavior. They think it’s so good to be bad. See the source image
They think they are gods! They claim to know all the mysteries of this world, and they walk around calling themselves the enlightened ones. They think they can control the world, the population and even the food which we eat. They control mass media and they program us to be who they want us to be. Even God’s people turn to them and we follow after their trends, and what they say.
They think that you are not real, that you are not watching them and even that you don’t care. But they are rich and getting richer.
So why must we keep our hearts pure?
why think pure thoughts?
why stay clean from sin?
God, we suffer all day long, and you seem to punish us every morning. I’ve wanted to tell other people these things, but I do not want to make any question their walk or their faith. I’m trying hard to understand this, but no matter how much I pray, meditate, worship and study, it is still too hard for me to be content.
I understand what will happen to the wicked. Trouble will come suddenly, and they will be ruined. Terrible things will happen, and they will be finished. I’ve been so stupid. I know that thinking of these people, I become upset. I know comparison does not please you, but it makes me upset and angry with you! 
Yet your love never fails, and you hold my hand. You are always with me. You lead me and give me good advice, and one day you will lead me to glory. 
In heaven, God, I have only you. And if I am with you, what on earth could I want?  My  mind and body will become weak, but God, you are the source of my strength.
May we never leave you, we know we will be lost. Have mercy on those who are not faithful to you. You are our safety. And we are sincere with you for all we have done. In Jesus name, Amen.
According to Your Word Lord, I Pray   , check out this book by Louis McCall.                   
See the source image

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