Devotional 8/13

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:31-32

We are here, to awaken from the illusion of separation.

May we hold on to God’s teaching, and to the joy, peace and blessings He has bestowed upon each of us. The Bible speaks of fools, and of the arrogant: we know to avoid being these types of people before God. To be true disciples the Lord told His Jewish followers that His words must be accepted by both their hearts and their minds (intellect).

Essentially it is on us to make the word our place of rest, otherwise we are considered hard hearted and unbelieving (Hebrews 3). We may know intellectually that Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life- but if we donor believe with our hearts then we will not be free of reasoning. It is similar to believing with our hearts: I have God in my heart, as most say, but the scripture inRomans 10 says believe with your heart and confess that which you believe.

The scripture also says you will know the truth and will be made me free. What is Truth? Do I need to be free? What do I need to be made free from? What does freedom look like, how will I know that I am free?

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Knowing the truth is to know God and based on our trust in His character, we also know the validity and interpretation of His word. If we believe God is a stern, no nonsense being- then we will read His word as a rule book. But when we know God is a loving father, then we can receive His word as instruction and principles for everyday life.

Sin separates us from God, and we are all born into this separation. The guilt we feel is the consequence of all sin. God separated from Adam and Eve, but not before giving them grace. They were able to see their reality, their eyes were opened to see their surroundings and who they were. God’s intent was for them to see Him, not themselves. He wants us to know His truth, not our reality.

The truth made them spiritually free, they knew no shame, they did not know the difference between good and evil, and they had more than enough to live in close and eternal alignment with God.

Coming to Christ is a renewal of our sinful states, we are washed clean from sin and become spiritually alive. When/ if we return to a lifestyle of sin our spiritual eyes and discernment sims out. We become so focused: guilty, ashamed, unfocused, and fleshly. We find that we do not have real freedom and our potential can be wasted. The good news is that we can always repent, and God comes closer to us: in the worst case scenario we become enslaved by sin and will be eternally separated from God (this is hell).

The Lord gives eternal freedom. But in this life we are bound either by sin or by righteousness. No wonder there is a tug of war in our members! We may believe to be suffering for the cause of Christ, but truly are suffering normal human things. Normal things are the things accompanied by life:

  • discomfort that bother the body: sickness, disease, self discipline, etc.
  • distress in dealing with worldly things: money, careers, status, etc.
  • Emotional affairs: heartbreak, disappointment, frustration, grief (due to loss), etc.

But to be a slave to righteousness is Togo after Gods way of living, which causes a different type of suffering. Although we all fall short of the glory of God, and sin unintentionally or at times even deliberately. God wants us to be made free so that we can walk in purpose, maximizing our potential in this life: freedom from fear, depression, insecurity, love of money, thrill seeking and so much more. And He also wants us to be free to spend eternity with Him in the new heaven and the new earth! There will be no tears and no more suffering in that place, so you want to miss it because you love darkness more than the light?

We can choose sin, but we can also choose righteousness: it’s a matter of right thinking and self discipline.

Let’s pray:

Father God, thank you for opening our eyes and renewing our inner man. Today I pray for those of us who have felt that we need freedom. Many of us struggle with our perception of you, we believe what we are taught or believe you are like our imperfect or missing fathers, and many believe you are in heaven handling greater affairs. Reveal your love to us individually and help us to trust in you. I also ask you to heal and restore those who have been living in sin because of their incorrect perception of you. In the matchless and incomparable name of Jesus, Amen!

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