Devotional 8/28

That I may be strengthened with all power, [to exercise] every kind of endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks. Colossians 1:11-12

If you want to improve the world, first improve yourself. If you want to improve yourself, read a book.
J. Millard Simpson

My father, my God, I come before with a humble heart and thirsty soul. I have a lot to pray for, I need a lot of your help. And on behalf of my readers, I believe they too need your help Lord. I know that we are not perfect, and are still masterpieces in the making so I present to you those areas where we need your help.

As we self-reflect today, may we be able to sincerely look at ourselves and improve ourselves. We repent if we have been lazy in any certain area, whether it is in extending love to others, being generous with money or kindness, or whether we have worked to be peacemakers. May we be better human beings, than we are right now. I pray that we would be more responsible about money. I ask that you create a desire in us to be diligent, and wise in money spending and saving. I declare by your word and your Spirit, that we are lenders and not borrowers. See the source image

I ask you Jesus, to show us a deeper love. Show us, reveal to us your perfect love so that we may love others and come boldly to your throne of grace. May our love be free from hypocrisy, and contention. May you help us purify our hearts from resentment and bitterness.

I also pray for paradigm shifts, where we are able to see situations from different angles.  May we not criticize or judge, but extend mercy, forgiveness and compassion to ourselves.

I also pray for our bodies. May we be mindful of our diets, and liquid intake. May we be more active, exercising regularly and resting in a balanced lifestyle.
May we also use wisdom to visit the doctors for check-ups, and use holistic rememdies which come from nature. Thank You Lord God, for our amazing bodies and forgive us for neglecting it.

I also pray for our minds to be in the now, not in the past nor in the future; and I ask you this with every effort to guard our minds for mental health reasons. You said in your word to think of today because tomorrow has troubles of its own. May the anticipation of the future not become a stumbling block for us. I thank you for the process in which you are taking each of us on, because we will come forth as gold masterpieces.

Father God, I also ask that you remind us that we have you to validate us, you to listen to us and you to comfort us. May we look to you, and not people, whether spouses, friends or family.

I pray for our places of work, and our work ethics. May we be people of integrity at work and outside of work. May we refocus our eye lenses to recognize the blessing we walk into each day, each blessing which we are allowed to carry out and also earn an income from. I declare your peace and order in our respective workplaces. I pray that your wisdom and will is acknowledged as each decision is to be made on a daily basis. Give us a fresh supply of vigor and strength to do our job. Bless and anoint our personal projects and ideas, and multiply our energy so that we may have joy in all of our doings.

I pray this all in the name of Jesus, Amen.

See the source image

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