Devotional 9/11

 Do not put out the Spirit’s fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

The Christian who has stopped repenting, has stopped growing.
A. W Pink

Repentance is all about intentions. We all slip up, we make dumb decisions, and even become blinded by the disappointments we experience. There are other times when we allow spiritual attack from powers and principalities to enter our lives, either by adopting a bad attitude which grieves the Spirit of God or opens a gap in our faith built walls. And this can bind us to confusion or spiritual blindness.

I do believe that Satan attacks, but I also know that He cannot attack us unless we open the door. For instance, suicide took Judas’ life because he opened the door to Satan through the love of money: not because he betrayed/failed Jesus. Look at Peter, he failed God as well, but he repented. Repentance is an amazing gift we have as believers and this gift is available even until our very last breath! It allows us to progress and be successful, while the enemy wants to keep us bound! See the source image

I have made some serious mistakes throughout the years, from smoking weed, getting drunk, being sexually immoral, and fornication both in Christ and before Christ! I don’t say this to boast, because I can blame the devil for some of it. But I also admit that there are things I brought unto myself because I never closed certain doors or I did not girdle my loins to the truth of the scriptures, in certain areas. I can see myself at these times in my life, and I know I am not who I used to be after I overcome through repentance. Just like Peter, and David, who grew into better versions of themselves: I am a different person than I was when I made those mistakes.

We have been sealed by the Spirit of the Most High: the Counselor, and best bestie, Holy Spirit. He is the guarantee, or the layaway of our redemption. There will be a day when we will be fully free of sin, and of all types of negativity! God is the author of our faith, He is the creator: just like I’m the author of this Blog! He chooses what to send our way, what to remove and what to allow. He is also the one who sends people into our lives, and the one who performs maintenance on us when we are feeling out of sync, out of fuel or out of joy. He is the one who changes our desires, our hope and expectations. He stays with us all the way until the end, and He fights for us all the way until the end.

Remember the 2 robbers on the cross, they both had Jesus, salvation, eternal life, and forgiveness, right beside them. But only one of them took advantage of the gift of repentance. It is sad that he waited until moments before his death, and it would be sad if you or I do the same. Why wait to repent, when we can live our best life right now?

Let’s pray:

Lord God, all powerful, great and mighty, perfect love God. You are beyond comprehension. Your love conquers us, your love transforms us, and we thank you. I present the saved, and the unbelievers, may you draw their hearts towards you. May you remove the blindfolds from off their eyes. May you give them the grace to get up, and walk far away from sin despite the challenges or the suffering involved. I pray you touch and purify our hearts Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen!

See the source image



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