Devotional 9/15

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. John 14:27

Are we habitually addicted to moments?
T.D Jakes

The truth is that most of us want a good life; we all dream of some far away place, some perfect imaginary land that does not exist where we can be happy and worry free. We all want peace, and to be surrounded by love, nice things, and good people… but happiness is our own responsibility- it is not based on external things, or what surrounds us, neither the things we can get. God told us many things so that we may have peace. I believe God knows that we are able to take a hold of peace, because He told us many things so that we would have peace.

The world offers temporary peace. We can enjoy all the world has to offer and not be filled. Temporary things cannot make us happy, cannot bring us fulfillment. After we receive a massage, the next day we want another one. After having some delicious dinner, we want to try something else. When we have sex, we want some more again and again. When we get high, we want to get more high. Things like ambitions, pleasures, leisure, thrills, drugs, travel & good times, simply do not last and do not heal! See the source image

In this world we were foretold that we would have troubles, this is true for Christians and unbelievers alike. The Lord was telling us that His words bring us peace, and we ought to look in His words to find peace: not go look for it in people, places or things. Peace is a gift from God, which stems from His very character. When we grow in understanding in regards to the love of God, and the validity of His word… only then can we truly rest in His peace.

It is very difficult to forget the past, especially when we have endured suffering at the hands of ignorant people. But God wants us to rest from the negative memories, which Satan may be using to hold you captive. The enemy does not want any of us to experience peace, remember he came to steal, kill and destroy! Or maybe you are like me, where you are too concerned with the future so you experience worry and stress. Or quite possibly you may be ungrateful, like the Israelites in the wilderness who were never content with their lives. God is the one who can deliver us and give us the peace which surpasses all understanding.

May you allow God to heal your mind and hearts with His peace.

Let’s pray:

Lord thank you for making me a warrior, I declare that I am an overcomer in Christ I believe your word. I pray that you would save us from ourselves, heal our minds from worry, preoccupation and fear Holy Spirit. Renew a right spirit within us, and give us a grateful heart to see your goodness each and every single day. May we allow You to heal our minds and hearts through your peace.  We receive your healing, we allow you to work in us Father. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.  

See the source image




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