Devotional 9/19

Today I am giving you a choice: you can choose life or death. Life and death have I set before you, blessing and cursing. So choose life! Deuteronomy 30:19

He who fears is not perfect in love, for love inspires trust, joy and peace, while fear is accompanied by anxiety.
St. Mary Euphrasia

When we come to Christ, we fin that we are sky high, flying in the clouds and totally smitten by God. Eventually reality hits, and we find ourselves in pain and confusion, after falling from such steep heights.

There are voices which debilitate us spiritually, things like our own imaginations, desires, negative or proud (carnal) friends, music, TV and movie choices, etc. Our hearts can be affected by gossip, disappointment, rejection, and so many more things- except that we choose whether we are affected by these or not. Nobody backslides, or loses their fire for God by mistake, or in other words without some fault of their own. It depends on which voices we give heed to, what we allow to penetrate our hearts and which truths we choose to believe. That being said:

  • there are voices we should NOT listen to
  • there are things which can contaminate our hearts
  • lies which we must not accept and fight against

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I have never met a person who was jumped, and not defended themselves. I don’t believe people backslide by mistake, maybe neglect, but never without the opportunity of due diligence and choices. Many of us experience dry seasons, lack of desire, vain imaginations, etc… but there’s always hope: we can work our way back up again. It’s like experiencing dehydration, or hunger- will we give up and neglect eating and drinking? Will we beat ourselves up for where we are? No! We refocus, plan and tackle tasks on a daily basis: before we know it, we are back on track.

One of my sisters in Christ shared the following with me, “I think there’s a big issue within the Christian youth with the idea of ‘is this it?’ And feeling like they’re missing out, that they are not satisfied or not content with their Christianity. And even not being delivered from certain things and getting frustrated with God and themselves.” I agree 100%, with both statements but it is not God’s fault that we experience Christianity in such a way. Same as physical principle of wanting a fit body: we must eat and exercise. If we over eat, or neglect our nutritional intake- will we not begin to deteriorate? Will we not get sick?

It all depends on us. There is no way we can be spiritually fit, without feeding ourselves and exercising. God loves transparency, even if people judge us for it. God will never despise a humble and sincere heart before Him. I promise He will help you if you come to Him for Help.

Let’s pray:

Father God, you are awesome, you are able to more than we can ask or imagine. You equip us to walk according to your word, and you are He who gives us transformation. Today I present those who may be facing thoughts of backsliding, desires to go against your word, and even those who have been disappointed by Christians. I pray you helps them in those wonderful ways in which you have helped me to stay afloat. May you reveal your love to these people, and show them that you are worth fighting for. That their destiny is worth fighting for, teach them to fight for their salvation and calling which you have brought them into. And Lord heal their hearts, renew their minds and give them a steadfast conviction of He who has called them. I pray this in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen. 

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