Devotional 9/21

Some have in fact already turned away to follow Satan. 1 Timothy 5:15

God calls us to leave people that will deter us, things that will distract us, and our past that can deflate us.

Some people literally follow Satan, while others follow their emotions or their flesh… this is still following after other gods. Turning from God, losing our first love, turning from the true gospel, turning to Satan, turning to evil and/or turning to the world are all versions of backsliding.


  • turn back
  • turn away

If you do your best, God will do the rest; I love this quote because I have experienced it. Whenever I find myself backslidden or with backsliding thoughts, I stop in my tracks and see what has brought to me to that place: I consider the thoughts I have been entertaining, and I assess my prayer life. Sometimes we neglect the spiritual things, and expect to reap a harvest in the very area we have neglected. See the source image

Once I assess myself sincerely, I go to God with a transparent heart. Did you know that the people of the bible, went to God with their feelings, complaints and despair? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being naked before God, tell Him how you feel and how it is against His word. I have gone to the extreme of telling God, that I am not meant to be a Christian. I have even experienced the desire for sin, and feeling no repentance for it- but I learned to ask God for a repented heart! God does not get angry at my crudeness, He helps me!

The war between our ego, our humanity or in bible terms our flesh never ends. We simply fight different battles! Despite of age, we are like the Israelites- backslidden one way or another. The decision is our to make, it’s a daily battle. We are in control of our destiny, I don’t believe people backslide by mistake as I said yesterday. We may have dry seasons, but we can always get back up.

How do I get back up? Be willing to sacrifice.

  • Close open doors and let go of weights (old habits, friends, and worldly things
  • incorporate a lifestyle of consecration (keep a steady focus on God’s word, prayer and obedience)
  • renew your old mindsets, replacing them with the way God sees things (look for scriptures)
  • partner up with someone who can get on your nerves (lol, someone who can hold you accountable)

It all starts in our mind, and some days are harder than others. In the words of one of my sisters, ‘we have to keep fighting and rejoicing in the guarantee of victory we have in Our Lord’.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I simply pray today for fresh revelation and steadfast faith. May each of person struggling with turning away from you receive the conviction they need to choose the God we will serve today! May you increase our wisdom and discernment so that we may recognize what is a hindrance in our lives, and do away with it. I pray our desires and perceptions are changed. In Jesus name, Amen.  See the source image




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