Devotional 9/29

And one said unto him, “Lord, are they few that are saved?” And he said unto them, “Strive to enter in by the narrow door: for many, I say unto you, shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able”. Luke 13:23-24

If we reach heaven, we shall meet many there whom we little thought to meet, and miss many whom we expected to find.
Gill’s exposition of the entire bible

Salvation is not about who was saved first, who’s served the longest, or who knows the most… we will be so surprised when we get to heaven, and as one of my favorite quote says… I will be surprised to have made it to heaven myself. Salvation requires our dedicated effort, because we need to get through the narrow door! Jesus Christ is the one and only one door. And nobody, not one person comes to God, the Father except by Him! The Lord told His disciples that the entrance way to heaven, is narrow:

  • especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide: of small width.
  • confined · cramped · tight · limited · constricted squeezed
  • limited in extent, amount, or scope; restricted.

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Many of us would like to believe that God is loving and merciful, and that He will accept everyone who tries to come to Him and those who came to Him once upon a time. I believe God is so good that He will help us get through the narrow door. And He is faithful to work in us the desire to be saved, and the capacity to strive towards sanctification. But God is also a wise God, He holds us accountable to that which we know. Those in the Lord, the preachers, the teachers, the mature, the babes, and the recently baptized, are all held to a higher degree than those who do not know His word.

We must be wise as serpents, and know that Jesus has expectations and precepts in place which define how to serve God and how to reach heaven. Salvation is a free undeserved gift, received through faith, and not by works… but our attitude (the intentions and motives of our hearts, show and tell God that we are striving towards Him. Not all roads lead to God, and not all good people go to heaven: we must submit to God’s word.

If it was this way, then Jesus would have said: stroll through the door it is wide and never closes. Our relationship with the Lord, should be on our minds every single day! We need to have peace with God. We cannot live a wish- washy Christian life, and not repent from sin! We cannot look the part, and not live the life. The apostle Peter says in 1 Peter 4, that God’s judgment will begin in the church! then it adds, if we will be judged then what will the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Like in Noah’s days, the door of the Arc will eventually be closed. And once the door is shut, those who were on the outside, WHETHER BELIEVER OR NOT, will really have no choice.

Let’s pray:

Father God, today we ask you to help us get through the narrow door. Help us to walk righteous lives, lives filled with fruits of repentance, a life of selflessness and self denial. May we reverence the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives. And may we stand against anything, and anyone that threatens our obedience to your holy book. I pray this in the name of the Almighty and All powerful, Jesus Christ by whom we can do all things. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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