Devotional 10/1

Hear, my son, and be wise, and direct your heart in the way. Proverbs 23:19

The moment you feel entitled is the moment you feel superior and distance yourself from a humble heart that believes God knows what he is doing.
Shannon L. Alder

Our hearts are our own responsibility. But I will tell u from experience that with God the outcomes result better, even though we can’t prevent the consequences. It really does somehow work for our good.

We sin because of the thoughts and beliefs in our hearts, but we repent by our faith in God and the working of the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us to guard our hearts, and warns us against hardening our hearts. A hardened heart makes sin seem more gratifying and appealing, and the conscience loses its sense of right and wrong. When we harden our hearts, we are in a place of disbelief, accompanied with complaint, annoyance and other grievances. A hardened heart makes it hard for us to come to a place of repentance: it is not desired, whether we are believers or unbelievers. And this is one of those times, when we must take matters into our own hands and direct our hearts in the right course.  See the source image

I know this sounds like a foreign concept, but I speak from experience. Ultimately as followers of Christ, we should desire to please God and make Him smile. The Holy Spirit in us is grieved when we offend God, and will not let us rest until we make things right! We cannot have peace with God while living with hardened hearts, we lose the joy of our salvation and God’s peace… we become bound to depression, misery and strife. And if it happens that we find ourselves without wanting to change or wanting to give up sin, we can ask God to give us a heart of repentance. All we need to do is accept where we are, and what brought us to that place, ask!

It is possible that church people and its leaders will not speak openly about their own battles, and struggles. And we may perceive them as perfected, ignorant or merciless people: but the truth is that God is the only one who knows the profound thoughts of our hearts. The Lord knows the details of our lives: the who, what, when, where, why, and how. And He is not like humans who can hurt, neglect or even disrespect us. God will use everything, even our foolish decisions or church offenses to mature us: remember all things work for our own good. Church is the place where we serve the Lord and where we celebrate our relationship with God. It’s always good to take some time away, to be alone with the Lord. A little getaway can be a healthy strategy for recovery. 

And in your getaway, ask God to have mercy on you and those you care about, for our decisions, or neglect which have offended Him. I promise you that the awesome God whom we serve will even allow us a do-over. 

Let’s pray:

Lord God, you are awesome. Your mercies are new every morning. Your love is everlasting. And your power is incomparable. Thank you for your word, and faithfulness. Thank you for helping us each step of the way, time and time again. May you touch our hearts and minds, and give us hearts to accept your will and to bring your name glory. Help us get rid of things, whether it is thoughts, people, habits or any other thing that may offend you. You look unto those who are humble and of a contrite spirit, they which tremble at Your word. Help us all Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

See the source image




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