Devotional 10/4

The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1

You are exactly where you need to be. Be faithful,for God is always working to bring what you need most into your life.

Leon Brown

Many people believe that God gives us free will in the area of marriage, and I agree He does, but not if we are after His perfect will. God gives us wisdom, discernment and understanding so that we can make decisions that enable us to walk in His perfect will. As a Christian, we must uphold Biblical principles, and for today I will speak on on relationships. Unions outside of the will of God do not have the capacity to live according to biblical precepts, and will debilitate and even frustrate, the strongest of believers.

There is a right way to go about seeking a mate… and to do it from a place of unbelief is to go after it yourself. When I am trying to obtain something I need, or desire from doing the wrong things (going against God’s word) … I am insulting God’s wisdom and judgement. Man was not created to be alone, God created Eve when He noticed that Adam was alone. God’s judgement is perfect! He wants us to have:

  • Connection (intimacy, sharing)
  • Companionship (fellowship, support)
  • Government (leadership, work, ministry)
  • Produce (family, business, talent)

While teaching my youth class a few weeks ago, we spoke about decisions and consequences. We spoke of Sampson, and Moses- God allowed them to fulfill their purpose, but their stories had sad endings. The Lord allows us to make our own decisions, but His permissible will is not His ideal for us. Making our own choice, outside of the will of God is not worth the pain of heartbreak, delay because of distraction, or the loss of dignity that comes with dealing with some one who has not being sanctified by the Lord. When I say this, I speak of dating both Christians and unbelievers.

The Bible says that a wise women builds her house. In essence the men are the head of household, but us, females, build the house (relationship). If we are insecure, needy, indecisive, angry, arrogant or bratty (etc) our houses will suffer or fall apart. Relationships take a lot of time and effort, and require lots of wisdom, humility, discipline and patience: similar to our own relationships with God Himself. Only God knows the right person, the right timing, the past and the future. Only God knows what is perfect for you, and what will be a struggle or a detriment. Our Lord is a good good Father: He desires (and knows) that it is better to wait on Him for a romantic partner.

My advice to all the single people, is to love yourself: make yourself internally happy. Remind yourself that you are the best, the prettiest, the most handsome, the sexiest, the most loveable, the one who deserves the best love. Confront your issues, if right now u feel unhappy or negative in any area of your life, overcome it by reprogramming your minds in that area. (These areas will not change because or when you are in a relationship)

I also tell you: refuse the enemy’s entrance into your self esteem. Being single, or not having that type of attention (or affection) can make us feel like we are not good looking or like something is wrong with us- please recognize this is Satan’s doing. His goal is to make us distracted, desperate and incredulous. Remember Satan is your enemy. His plan is to reroute and derail us from the perfect will of God.

When you love and enjoy yourself and serve God from your heart, you will glorify Him. And whether you realize it or not, He is working behind the scenes in your favor … most importantly He is perfecting you.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your perfect will. I pray you increase the faith of my brothers and sisters, may you awaken them from their sleep, and take the blindfolds off their eyes so that they may see. You are a good father, who cares for His children and will provide for all their needs. I thank you for being faithful, and generous with your tender mercies. And I thank you for working things out, even when we do not see you working. I pray you would convict your children with waiting on you, and give them grace to abstain from sexual sins. In Jesus name, Amen.

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