Devotional 10/29

Brothers and sisters, I know that I still have a long way to go. But there is one thing I do: I forget what is in the past and try as hard as I can to reach the goal before me. Philippians 3:13 

Let us throw ourselves on His faithfulness as we do our beds, bringing all our weariness to his dear rest.
Charles Spurgeon

God is with me. God loves me and I am not alone. He has healed me of so much, and restored me of so much. He remains faithful even when we are not. And this is why I trust Him. He is for me, He is not against. He knows the ways that I take, and even when it seemed that I was not going to make it He exposed the lies of Satan and gave me another chance.

Now in a new beginning, there is presently a tug of war between now and what was, and what could have been. It’s normal to miss the past, and to miss certain people in our lives. But while we are forgetting the past, Satan wants to bind us to those negative self defeating spirits of depression, loneliness, melancholy, etc. See the source image

We must choose to believe in God’s immoveable, and unshakeable character, because He is reliable! God does not change. God is love. God is wisdom. Love never fails. God’s light cannot be overcome by darkness.

We can trust in our God. We have an unknown future before us, but Jehovah, our eternal Father, is the All Knowing God. We can experience things we do not understand, so that God can align us to His will. We can stumble, but God’s grace will lift us up again. We can reap from the consequences of our actions, but God gives us a quickening of conviction during the process. We can trust undoubtedly that God is in control of our lives.

The Lord makes a way out of no way. He creates rivers in the desert. And He makes crooked paths straight. Rejoice in the Lord, taste and see that He is good!

let’s pray:

My God, my strength and my deliverer. Today I pray for conviction for each believer to forget the former things and to not dwell on the past. May they perceive that you are doing a new thing. May we see your light in the darkness, may we see you make a way in the wilderness, and make rivers in the desert. You are the lifter of our heads God, and we love you. I pray this Jesus name, Amen.

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