Devotional 10/30

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

You cannot rebuke a devil that you continuously grant access to your life.
TD Jakes

The enemy of our soul, Satan, walks around the earth looking for who to devour. The scripture says that he is like a lion. And if we meditate on the characteristics of a lion: we know that lions prey on their next meal.

Satan enters the believers’ life through opened doors. A Christian who has converted has closed all doors and has turned away from sin, but Satan will prey on them to see where he can enter and attack. Demon spirits have specific duties depending on our individual characteristics. He studies and preys on us, but God fights for us.  See the source image

Remember, Satan does everything progressively, and one of his greatest weapons against us is spiritual fatigue. When we are tired in the natural, our greatest desire is to sleep, rest, or play. And while we are tired, as the snake that he is; he preys on us  in order to contaminate and seduce our hearts. The word says that we need to protect our hearts, because it serves as a door into our spiritual lives.

Job was a righteous man, he was perfect before the Lord but God challenged Satan to try Job’s heart. God wants to know what kind of players we are when tried… will we open doors to the enemy? Will we curse God and die? Will we neglect to close the doors we find open? will we search for open doors? Will we walk in fear or will we walk in authority?

Ephesians 6, and 2 Corinthians 10 tell us that Satan’s fiery darts come against our souls using spiritual conduits. The enemy tries to pierce our souls using words, images, music, and other triggers which arouse our sensory organs and mental facultiesAs believers we have the upper hand in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, therefore God is already fighting simply through His own authority. But there is also a time for us to rest in battle: we must be able to stand our ground. There are times in warfare when the victory is ours, but it does not manifest in the natural! Satan’s wish is that we start losing our composure, our faith, our minds, and everything else! But the Lord, wants us to stand firm. In standing firm, we show the enemy and his colleagues that we are able to resist his tactics.

Do you recognize which season you are in? The Lord operates in seasons: there are seasons where we fight, but also seasons of rest. Rest in the Lord.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, you are good and merciful. Your ways we cannot fathom. I present to you the enemy’s devices; may you give us spiritual eyes to see them coming at us while they are only plotting. I pray for restoration, and invigoration of all my brothers and sisters who have been battling and have not rested from the battle. I know that it is hard to rest, when you suspect there another battle coming but Jesus I ask you for grace. May we also put away all hindrances and weights, whether this is enduring heartbreaking, trading in careers, or changing locations. Give us grace Lord to flow in your momentum. In Jesus name, Amen.






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