Devotional 11/5

So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God. Romans 14:12

Doing things in the world’s way is only a temporary fix,
and will make us enemies of God.

Is happiness not what we are all after? We are all in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is an inside job! We have to change our perception, the way we see and receive things. Most believing that happiness will come after getting or doing something. Many people depend on outer circumstances, or people, to “be happy”. But this takes us out of God to fulfill our needs.

Eve was not wrong in eating of the tree: she was wrong for eating of THAT tree. She was not wrong for desiring to be like God: she was wrong for going about it THAT way. And she was not wrong for believing that the trees God had made were good to eat: she was wrong for admiring a tree she was to stay away from. Satan was unable to separate Adam and Eve from God’s grip, but he was able to seduce her using 3 tactics listed in 1 John  2:16! See the source image

The lust of the flesh:

  • The nature of our carnality: drunkenness, promiscuous sex, arguing, jealousy, competition, gossiping, manipulation, causing division and envy, etc. (Galatians 5:19-20)

The lust of the eyes:

  • Strong desires, vain imaginations, satisfaction, etc.

The pride of life:

  • Arrogance: self seeking ambition, accomplishments, achievements, promotions, etc.

We need power to not succumb to worldliness and sin, and the only way to receive this power is BY FAITH in the giver. We know that in order to please God, and even to receive grace we must be have faith! It is necessary to self reflect, and recognize that our true needs are much deeper than people or circumstance. For example, you think you need sex… but what you really need is connection. You think you need people to affirm your identity, but really you need to love and accept yourself.

We must also be open to what God has already given us, that is- what is already inside of us. It’s important as believers to perceive God: His goodness and mercies. And we should also respect the things which He has prohibited from our lives. When our focus is on the process, or the prohibitions we run the risk of becoming Satan’s prey. Satan will do his best work by blurring our vision and manipulating our lives making us miserable and ineffective Christians.

Let’s pray:

Father God, you are the Most Holy and benevolent God. Jesus, You were tempted and you have overcome the world, and you tell us we can do the same. Your word says that we must be on guard, and sober of mind because the enemy wants to take us out. Keep our minds from perceiving things falsely, and keep our souls from seeking refuge from the things which do not benefit our godly lives. May you give us the will to not dwell or concern ourselves with the restrictions You have placed in our lives. May we be wise and fruitful Jesus. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

See the source image



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