Devotional 11/9

It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

The word of God conceived in the heart, formed by the tongue, and spoken out of the mouth
… is creative power.

Charles Capp

The word of God is life to the believer, especially when Holy Spirit by our faith quickens the word in our spirit. The word of God has the power to transform our hearts, and tear down erroneous ideologies and thought patterns (strongholds) and fills us with grace (capacity) so that we can become more like Jesus!
The word of God frees us! The scriptures heal us! There is power in the word of God: Jesus is the word of God made flesh. The word of God of God has the ability to minister to us today, yesterday and regarding the future. The word can also sanctify us, discipline and correct us, and comfort us. The word of God is for our own development, the goal is to know how to live lives which please God.
The Bible is reliable. It speaks to us on a consistent basis regardless of it’s repetition. Each scripture is alive and able to speak to us concerning different circumstances disregarding the space, the time, or age in which it occurred. I remember one night years ago, after an argument with my dad, I stormed out of the house crying. On my way, to my secret place at CCNY, Holy Spirit brought ‘all things work for good for those who love God” to my heart. I felt such a peace in that moment. That was the first time, I had ever experienced the power of God’s word in that manner. Needless to say, the very next day I saw that God meant it when He said that it will all work out for good.     
The word is also without error, and this is by faith. Each believer was given a certain amount of faith to believe, and there are things in which we must exercise this faith. I will admit when I was younger in the faith, I did not like what Paul advised to the Corinth concerning marriage and singleness. I concluded that this was his manmade opinion, and therefore God had not spoken through him. But as I grew in the Lord, and the Lord began to use these very scriptures to teach me about love and relationships (1Corinthians 6) … I accepted that the word of God, in its entirety, is truthful and good for the building up of the saints.
There are some spiritual things in the Word which we cannot attest to with our senses, but there are some which are backed up with historical, scientific and prophetic accuracy. I enjoy the word of God for it’s historical richness. I am not big on researching historical facts, but I do like to know certain things which back up God’s Word. I like to know the context and the era of which I read. For example, when I read the book of Ephesus, I like to know how the culture was, and what were the common thoughts surrounding religion. Imagine we fast forward 60 years, what would the people reading about the Christian church today think of us? They would think we were witches and warlocks, and that there are no differences in New Age rituals than Christian ones. Scary right…
Anywho, the Bible refers to a few scientific and archeological facts too. In 1601, when the bible was translated into the KJV… scientists only knew of six stars in the Pleiades constellation, but today astronomers know there are seven stars. How did the Old Testament authors know there were seven stars in the Pleiades constellation? Except by revelation of God!
It would be fun to go on a fact finding study based on science and archaeology… but that would be too much for me today.
Let’s pray:
Father God, we honor you and worship your holy name. You are all knowing and sovereign, you are the beginning and the end, you are the first and the last, you are wisdom. Today I ask you to reveal your word to each of us. May each of your children experience the power and edification of your word. May they trust in your word, depend on your word and look forward to your word. May you deposit reverence and conviction in each believer’s heart towards your scriptures God. In Jesus name, Amen.
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