Devotional 11/18

You, like your ancestors before you, have turned away from my laws and have not kept them. Turn back to me, and I will turn to you. But you ask, ‘What must we do to turn back to you?’ Malachi 3:7

Jehovah told Moses that He is, “I am”.
God is saying, “I am” whatever you need me to be.

Joel Osteen

God loves when we apply ourselves by faith, into His will, He sees and rewards our effort! I have experienced the depth of His love based on His help and grace (rewards system), based on my effort- not on my wins. We make a big mistake assuming that God is concerned with our good and bad works, although He is. But the Lord is also omniscient and the searcher of our hearts: only He is able to know the intents and the truest desire of our hearts.

My truth is that God heard my cry and He saw my efforts, when my hardened heart led me to backslide. I was in sin, in church, still teaching, still blogging, yet fighting for my life with the little strength I had. Although I will not detail the work or prayers I invested into my break through and deliverance: the Lord responds to a contrite and humble spirit. My God, Jehovah, rewards those who come before Him in faith. See the source image

The lady who touched Jesus’ mantle, was not the only person who touched Him. He was in the middle of a crowd, as he walked there were many who touched Him (Luke 8:45-46)! This woman touched Him with such faith, it drew power from Jesus. Have you ever prayed and knew you drew in that which you were praying for?

The Lord is faithful, and His love endures forever. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He knows the Truth.. your truth, and when you are being truthful. We can say we repent, but God knows if we truly have repented. We can renounce people and things, but only Jesus knows if we have truly renounced. He does not receive, even our worship, unless we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

God desires to be whatever we need. If we need a Father, He will be the Everlasting Father. If we need Him to be our Peace, he is Jehovah Shalom or the Prince of Peace. If we need deliverance, He will be our Deliverer! God wants to save us each and every single day, just reach out in faith! Just believe! God sees your efforts, and He crowns your efforts with success!

Let’s pray:

Aleluya! Glorious Jesus, you are awesome God. Thank you for listening to our prayers. For listening to our petitions, and supplications. Thank you for orchestrating our lives even when we may have ran from you. Even when we have offended you, and even when we do not deserve your goodness. Thank you Jesus. You are awesome God. You are worthy of all praise, of all honor, and we cannot do life without you my God. May your faithfulness show up in the lives of those who are battle with contradictions in their lives, and those whose mind cannot agree with their heart vice versa. See them through Jesus. I know you can do it. In Jesus name, Amen.

See the source image



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