Devotional 11/25

Brothers and sisters, I know that I still have a long way to go. But there is one thing I do: I forget what is in the past and try as hard as I can to reach the goal before me. P‭hilippians‬ ‭3:13‬‬

There are those who forget, without saying goodbye;
and those who say goodbye without forgetting.

Father God, loving and Eternal Father, Immortal King; today I present to you every hurting soul, every wounded spirit and every broken heart. We know Lord, that you set those who are bound, free. And you fight for those who have lost their way. But today we come before you to show yourself again, as our Jehovah Rapha, our healer and our Prince of Peace.  

You mend the broken hearted, and are close to those who have a broken spirit. Your word says that you comfort those who mourn, and Lord I ask you to hold us in your arms as we go through the process. You are the giver of life, and you know the inner workings of each created being. You know the memories, you know the plans we made, you know the expectations we had and so I ask you today, to ease our wounded souls with your love. See the source image

I pray for each person going through loss, and grief. May we humbly submit to your plan Lord: your perfect will. May we get through this process with the power of your love. We know that time doesn’t change the feelings, or the memories… but I believe that you are the God of restoration. And the walls of our faith will be reconstructed.  

I pray for those of us who have made selfish choices which were adamantly against your word. We ask for your forgiveness, and comfort. The past is gone, the memories are history, and we have chosen to close the doors which were not your according to your perfect and good will. But inevitably there are consequences for our choices, we ask you for supernatural healing.

May we rejoice in the God of our salvation, the Lord who has come through for us time and time again. May we live in conviction that all things do work for good, to those who love you and who have been called by you. We beg you for a renewal of joy and enthusiasm to carry out your purposes, may we be flooded with your oil of gladness. Please remove anything that blocks our ability to receive your love. May you give us the drive to walk in your mercy, in your deliverance and rid us of condemnation. 

May we also help others through their journeys, and rejoice in the privilege of being part of their stories. And finally Lord, may you turn our sorrow into dancing. May you remove the oppression of the spirit of heaviness, and give us new clothing of praise. May we see the good side of loss and grief. May we see the good in letting go. may we see the good in the experience, even if it ended in death. Hope is the anchor of our souls, and so I ask you to renew our hope as well.  

And in the name of Jesus, the Christ, I pray.


See the source image




See the source image


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