Devotional 11/29

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night. Joshua 1:8

You need to return to the truth of God’s word that will not last forever, not meditate on circumstances that will change and fade.

Christian Caine

I mentioned yesterday that I began to neglect my daily disciplines, causing me to slip and fall. I presented a list of things that I was disciplined and committed to doing… one of which was meditating on the scriptures. When we meditate on the word, we learn the power of GOD: we come to understand the power of the word of God in action, Jesus Christ (the verb of God).

Meditation comes from the Latin word, meditārī, which means to reflect on, to study and to practice. So when we learn of secular meditation, we learn to relax and focus on breathing and being still… but this is not exactly what meditation is. To meditate is to pray in a way to become aware of God and to reflect on His word and revelation. If we neglect our time with God, meditation and prayer; our spiritual success and strength will deteriorate. We will lose courage and conviction, and began to dim the fire of the Spirit.See the source image

Meditating on God is to crucify the flesh: we must invite Holy Spirit into our time of reading scripture because the wisdom and thoughts of God are so different from ours. I read somewhere that when we open our Bible, we should lay down our need to be strong, smart, and independent. It is great to attend church, to receive the word of God, to study it and declare it but God desires for us to reflect and apply to our own lives all that He says. Isaac, David, Isaiah and Jesus are examples of seeking, meditating on the Lord.

Meditation is simply concentrating and thinking deeply on the truths God has revealed to you (through His word, first and foremost; and on a personal level). The bible says, God tells us- to meditate on the word and that it will give us great success. The word of God is eternal salvation to our souls. The word of the Lord makes us courageous and wise. And of so many wonderful benefits from meditating on the word, one of the greatest things about the word is that the truth makes us free, is a light unto our path (direction).

Nothing is more important or urgent than our time with God. I say this respectfully knowing we all have many things of value: spouses, children, parents, careers, ministries, jobs, etc. But I repeat, NOTHING is more important than our time with God!

Let’s pray:

Father God, we invite you to sit next to us when we read your word, awaken Holy Spirit in us when we meditate on you and your kindness towards us. May you bring healing, and deliverance in our time of prayer and meditation. May your children experience a new wave of YOU, which we have never seen. May the taste and see that you are good, and worthy to be praised. In Jesus name, Amen. 

See the source image






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