Devotional 12/7

This is the boldness which we have toward him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He listens to us. 1 John 5:15

Pray to God, but continue to row to the shore.

I hope that from my story, you (or someone you know) may become wiser against the enemy’s tactics. May you stand firm, and guard your heart to prevent Satan from debilitating you. This is my story: Five years ago, during a fast I heard a voice tell “you will meet your husband tonight”. It was my best friend’s birthday celebration, and we were going out for dinner. It was my weekly ritual to fast on Saturdays, and I had presented the outing: I wanted to avoid becoming tainted by the world (drinking alcohol, smoking hookah or dancing, etc.). Towards the end of the fast, I heard those words, and I responded by rebuking! When I responded in this way, I saw a vision of myself with tape over my mouth. Then the scriptures in Luke, of the angel and Zachariah telling him he would bear a son, named John (the Baptist). Long story short, I believed and met the guy: I knew it was him because I dreamt with him and his name on 2 different occasions. It seemed divine, because the encounter was definitely supernatural. And the next day at church, when I walked in the pastor was proclaiming the same scriptures: telling the congregation, to receive their miracle. Since then I never met or saw this man again.    See the source image

Fast forward 4 years: a young preacher was invited to our church, and to sum it up publicly rebuked me. When I look back in retrospect, and as my pastor advised he was supposed to give me a prophetic warning but delivered it as a rebuke. I could not understand why, and I searched my heart just in case! But I was not in sin and I was doing all that I could to be holy. In my understanding, the Lord allowed him to do this, so I was offended by God.

In my questioning, and heartbreak I stopped praying for a few days but eventually, I pushed my feelings to the side and began to tune into God again. As I pressed in to the Spirit, the Lord led me back into the study of occult mysticism and familiar spirits. I was into these things since I was 12 years old, and became really grounded in it as I got older. I wondered why God was bringing this up again. And I pondered, could these spirits be manipulating the events in my life, as foretold by demonic spirits? (many things which were spoken to me did happen) 

I learned that what I believed was spoken by God, concerning my husband, were actually familiar spirits of witchcraft. I became angry with God (again), and declared with my mouth that I would no longer wait on Him for anything and that I would take my life back. I neglected my time of night watches, and although I continued to attend church I had no interest of being there or around people who believed in this ‘good God’. Inevitably these things harbored in my heart and mind, I could no longer pray although I thought about God and spoke to Him all the time. I was blinded and I was unable to hope in His promises, or believe that He truly loved me. I was bound to slip and fall.

In sharing this testimony, I would like you to know a few things:

  • An offended heart is Satan’s theme park
  • God will always rescue a heart that longs to do His will
  • The Lord will always respond to a heart that calls out to Him in humility and faith
  • God fights for us, if we are still
  • God is greater than the power of Satan: GOD IS IN US
  • The Lord delivers us from any and all Satanic oppression
  • The Spirit leads us into All Truth

Spiritual failure is a gradual process, and not easily recognized until after the fact. You may not fall as I did, and you may not fall in the same area where I did but like I said… take heed!

Let’s pray:

Lord God Almighty, thank you for your forgiveness and deliverance power. I thank you for your mercy, and the way you lead us into all truth. I pray we all be careful to guard our hearts. I pray for wisdom and discernment, and full deliverance for all my brothers and sisters in all areas of their minds and hearts. In Jesus name, Amen.

See the source image




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