Devotional 12/8

The heart is deceitful above all things and it is extremely sick; Who can understand it fully and know its secret motives? Jeremiah 17:9

go looking for excitement and you’ll stay hungry; go after God, and you’ll stay filled with Him.

The Bible has a lot to say about the heart; God doesn’t look at our appearance, He looks at the heart, He searches our hearts, He knows the intentions and motives of our hearts, He judges us by our hearts, and tells us to guard our hearts as well. Jesus said in Matthew 15, that all things, including imaginations, offense, and sin come from it.

We may think we know ourselves, but we do not know ourselves as God knows us. Working with families, God has given me a great privilege to help others address deep issues. As a social worker and youth leader, I meet many individuals on a daily basis who have experienced trauma in one way or another. Trauma doesn’t look like any specific situation, it simply impacts us, for a long time, in a negative yet subtle way.


  • An event, or events which completely overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved in that experience.
  • A psychological, emotional response to: an event or experience, that was deeply distressing or disturbing.
  • In other words, a negative experience outside of our own control has impacted us in a negative way. Satan takes advantage of trauma, and uses it to bring many into bondage. Bondage doesn’t always look like lunacy, serial killers or drug addiction. For example:
    • One of my clients would dress really sloppy, and was hygienically unclean. Through different sessions and conversations, my client revealed that she was sexually molested as a child, and the person told her over and over again ‘you are so pretty, you smell so good’ during the act. In her childhood mind, she concluded that dressing ugly and smelling bad would protect her from experiencing that again.
    • Another example is from one of my sisters in Christ: her mother moved to the USA for an opportunity to provide her family a better future. This meant leaving her 10 year old daughter in the Dominican Republic. She was verbally abused her by her family. The results of this trauma was anxiety, migraine headaches and tension from repressed feelings she experienced.
  • Some develop aggressive or angry attitudes from detached parents, or overly affectionate personalities from having and then drastically losing affection in their lives, others become psychotic or depressive when bullied, and so many other situations. Being in bondage is like being trapped in a certain behavior or characteristic and not exactly being aware of it or knowing why. Only God is fully aware of the impacts which we each have faced, despite of what we may see or recognize.
  • The good thing is that our personalities, and lives can be changed. Our hearts can be healed, and our minds can be altered, if we welcome God into those situations. Mark 15 says that Satan has sown seeds into our hearts, and therefore God has to take them out by the root (uproot them). The Lord knows how to transform us, remember, we are body, soul and spirit: He knows where in our hearts we were influenced by our environment, by our genetics or by demonic spirits.

    If you humble yourself and ask the Lord to show you, He will. He knows the depth of your heart and will shed light on those areas, if you open your heart to Him.

    Let’s pray:

    Dr. Jesus, my lord and my healer today I ask you to heal all those who will be reading, my family and friends. Heal us, even me, from all any traumatic experiences. May you shift our perspectives on how things happened, may we all tell a new story of those experiences. You are Jehovah Rapha, you are the lover of our souls and long to heal us. So we ask you for healing in the name of the incomparable Jesus Christ. Amen.


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