Devotional 12/25

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John1:1

Merry Christmas everyone!

We know that the world is celebrating Christmas or the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible doesn’t mention a specific date He was born, but why not?! We celebrate Jesus Christ everyday: we celebrate His birth, His ministry, His death, and His resurrection!

We celebrate that our Savior was born through the Virgin Mary. His coming was prophesied, and it came to pass: this is reason to celebrate! It is fascinating whether you do or don’t believe, because His birth was the beginning of a new start for all of humanity… Christ split time from BC (before Christ) to AC (after Christ) … it is currently 2018 AC.

The origin of Christmas, does not begin with Christians. It was a Pagan Holiday if celebrating winter solstice, aka the celebration of the birth of their Sun God. While Christians, adopted the same time frame to celebrate their Savior, the Son of God. Pagans, witches and warlocks worship pine trees and logs, and mistletoes. They decorate the trees with actual gold and silver, and worshipped it for bringing in income and prosperity (decorated pine trees or Christmas tree).

God gave Himself to us from a place of love. The Father Jehovah sent His only begotten Son, so that we may be saved. And His Son is the image of the invisible God, and they are One. And by God’s amazing Grace we have been given another Helper, the Holy Spirit. Although it sounds like 3 gods, our God is One.

I love Paul’s attitude when He said to the church Philippi, that some preached Christ from contention and/or competition. It’s all the good, let them preach as long as Christ is being preached and souls are being saved it’s all good with me (Phil. 1:16).

I hope all Christians used Christmas Day to expand the kingdom and love of God to others!

Let’s pray:

Lord! I thank you for your your birth, your sacrifice, and your resurrection! May we walk as you did while you walked on earth as a human! May we rest in the power of your resurrection, and walk in confidence in that power. I pray that we would take advantage of any opportunity the world gives us to preach Christ!


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