Devotional 12/30

We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The Lord speaks to us, and treats us according to our capacity. He will not publicly rebuke anyone, unless He has done so numerous times in private. He will not hand someone a lump sum of money, greater responsibility or spiritual gifts without watching us in secret. The Lord is aware of our human frailties, but He continues the work in us until we are situated.

Our Lord is a stern God. He is love and He’s merciful but He is also a consuming fire, and a no nonsense God. As Christians we are going to suffer, and sometimes we are too soft on ourselves. We may be more tender in areas where God is actually stern. We baby ourselves, and become upset if things get uncomfortable, and this is not pleasing to the Lord.

The Lord God is holy, and although we fall short of His glory: we are not victims, neither are we weaklings. Faith is a discipline, and renewing our mind is vital! We must change our perspectives and belief systems, by replacing them with FAITH-filled beliefs and perspectives. Faith is cultivated by hearing the word of God, and by remembering what we have experience with God Himself. Walking by faith is necessary so that we can be like Joshua and Caleb, who were men of a different spirit! They too saw the giants, they too saw the enemies, but they believed that the God who promised knew they could possess the Promised land. God works with us according to our caliber, our maturity levels, or as some would say our ‘age and stage’.

Ideally, we would be consistently grateful and focused on God: yet our patiences runs lows, our hearts become bitter and we lose strength and courage (or become discouraged). And when the Lord sees that we are not thinking or seeing correctly, He will reroute us like He did the Israelites! The trip would have taken a few days, but they would have fainted at the sight of the lions and the people in the land. It took them 40 years to believe that they could depend on God.

If your blessings are taking longer than you desire, search your heart because you may be in need of a perspective change. Holy Spirit can help us!

Let’s pray:

Lord God, I admit that my faith has been shot in that one area I least expected it to. But will not cast away my confidence, and forfeit the Promise Land. You are a loving and gentle God, you are also a consuming fire and MIGHTY. So today I pray you help and teach each of us to build up our faith. Help our unbelief, I ask for these favors in Jesus name. Amen.



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