Devotional 1/9

All my longings lie open before you, LORD; my sighing is not hidden from you. Psalm 38:9

If God changes your heart, be willing to change your plans.
Joyce Meyer

Thank you father God, today you brought the word momentum, to mind. So I want to ask you for momentum, may we begin and continue to increase speed and force with what you have placed in us and in our hands. I pray Lord God, for your might and power to remove all obstacles from our path, and allow us to walk uninterrupted in your path and timing.

I present to you all of my brothers and sisters who may be in need of a little push, some redirection or some breaks. I pray you take control of our momentum God. I pray that your heavy anointing would break the yokes, and destroy the walls of strongholds in our lives. 

Lord Jesus, I pray for each of us to stop seeing ourselves the way others have seen us. I pray we would walk in confidence, and in the value of who we truly are. I pray we sure of who we are in Christ. I also pray you would help us to ignore the hate or envy that comes our way, when we walk the path you have made ready for us. I ask you to set us apart, in spirit and in heart, increase our discernment Jesus. 

I ask you Lord to help us make the best of every situation, in all that we do, and with all who we encounter on a daily basis. May you open our spiritual eyes, and ears to know and see your direction clearly. May our eyes be focused on our vision of the future. May we have the boldness to do you will. We welcome your power and wisdom into our lives, asking you to bring light to our dark places and clarity to any place of misdirection. Father, I ask you to compel us to be diligent and dedicated where we are, may we increase our knowledge and skill set and be more than courageous to go to places we have never seen and do things which we have never done.

I thank you and ask you to lead each person into their own specific field of introspection, and cultivation. May we enter a time of self improvement, contribution, mentoring, and cultivation in specific areas which we may have not even imagined. May we walk in the momentum of your Spirit, and not dismiss the random or different pulls we feel towards the marketplace, the medical field, the educational or technological arenas, and Lord, any other area which may be in your plan of assignment for us.

 In Jesus name, Amen.   


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