Devotional 1/12

Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. Luke 6:30

Don’t let friends borrow money unless you don’t mind never getting it back.

Have you ever loaned a friend money, and never heard from them again? Once upon a time I loaned a friend some money, when her car was towed and fined for expended tickets. We lost a good friendship over her inability, or refusal to pay it back: the sad part was that I never asked her for the money.

In an ideal world we would be debt free, and generous towards all. But financial integrity is not taught in schools, and very vaguely addressed in our upbringing. The Bible teaches us a few things about what the Lord expects from us concerning lending and borrowing. The book of Ecclesiastes says that money resolves many of life’s problems, and helps in times of need. And in Deuteronomy, the Lord instructs His people to give to the poor, and to not covet other people’s belongings. The Lord tells us that He is faithful to pay back in full, so when we give to the poor, it is equal to lending to Him. He also promises to make us lenders, and not borrowers as a reward for our obedience to Him.

The Lord who knows our hearts, expects us to give to those who ask and not expect anything in return. When we lend to others, we must release our attachment to the money and to the deed itself. As spiritual as we may think to be, this is a test of faith. It is the flesh who demands, worries and even depends on money that is owed… After all, the Lord says I am your reward! And today I remind you all, the Lord is your reward!

In matters of borrowing and lending money, our hearts are being tested and refined by the Lord. Are you a good manager of the money God puts in your hands? Are tight-fisted and cheap? Are you demanding? Do you tell others of the good deeds which you do? May you glorify God in your finances!

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for money and your financial principles. I thank you for being a generous father, and for being the supplier of our needs. I pray for those who have borrowed money, and those who lend money I pray you would touch our hearts and make us the money managers you would like us to be. May we be faithful stewards of your money, and may we also become debt free, generously giving to others as you would desire. Guard our hearts from greed, from the love of money and from anxiety. In Jesus name, Amen.


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