Devotional 2/6

“Take your son, your only son—yes, Isaac, whom you love so much—and go to the land of Moriah. Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will show you.” Genesis 22: 2

The voice of God will never contradict the word of God.

In the scenario taking place in Genesis 22, God tested Abraham’s faith and in Abraham’s head, he could have calculated his multiple choices.

  • A. Run away (do your own thing)
  • B. Ignore that (it wasn’t God speaking)
  • C. Trust Him (God is faithful)
  • D. Ask others for advice

We will take many tests in life— whether for school, a new job or a license. The purpose of a test is to evaluate the learners ability to retain and apply knowledge/training. Once they pass the test, then they are ready (or qualified) to move to a new level. We’ve all had the experience of studying for an exam, yet during the exam find ourselves struggling to remember specific material. If we are lucky, it is a multiple choice test and we have a 25% chance of guessing the right answer. But what happens when the test is not a multiple choice test being administered by a teacher or a professional, but a test from God?

Throughout our journey with Christ, we are introduced to different aspects of God’s character and somewhere along the way: He will test just how much we have actually learned! In these tests, there is no guessing. It is crucial to learn and remember who God is and what His word says.

God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, his beloved promise of God. Abraham knew God’s character, and so as he headed up Mt. Moriah as God commanded, he told his servants: We will go there and worship, and we’ll be back (Gen. 22:5). Abraham remembered what He had learned about God, and His faith was confident that they would both return. His faith was not shaken. God did not approve of for any Israelite to conduct child sacrifices, so Abraham could have been extremely confused. God does not go against His own word.

Abraham could have chosen to resist God, to worry about God’s promise come to pass, or even become angry with God for giving and taking away. But Abraham had faith in God, and his faith enabled him to believe that things would turn out alright.

As we learn more about God, and more about His word and the promises God makes to us, we need to make sure we are truly learning and retaining that information. God does not change; despite of the oddity of the tests we face, God is in control and simply trying our faith! We can trust in His infallible word and promises: give Him what He is requesting, and you’ll have your own story to tell!

Written: Ashley Gonzalez

Edited: Frances Vasquez

Let’s pray:

Father God, thank you. Thank you for the great lessons we learn through our journey with you, and Your word. You are a covenant keeping God, and your plans for us are for our good and not for our our detriment. Thank you for prospering us as our souls prosper. I ask you today to give us the wisdom, conviction, humility and reverence to give you all that you ask of us. May you search our hearts and show us anything we hold so dearly, and breaks our heart to lay at your feet. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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