Devotional 2/12

The LORD has sought out a man after his own heart, and the LORD has commanded him to be prince over his people, because you have not kept what the LORD commanded you. 1 Samuel 13:13-14

Faith is not about if I get it.
You wanna get the devil mad?
If God never gives it to me, if He never heals me, I will take my last breath declaring that He is God.

Juanita Bynum

I’ve been going through a long season of heartbreak for a while now. I’ve experienced strong days, and some straight up hard days: I’m currently asking God to hurry up with the process! Yesterday I found myself sulking, and I said to myself: you know what?! I’m like the warriors in David’s cave. They were heartbroken, in debt and wounded. Then I thought: No actually I am David- David was also hurting, he was anointed and waiting for God’s promises too. He was doing his best, while being unfairly chased down by enemies. Then it dawned on me: Oh My God! I am David, I’m defeating giants, I’ve failed God and committed sins which led to other sins, and God has forgiven me!

Yes, I am in fact David. But I’m not the type of David that people look at when they want to justify their weaknesses: I’m the David which the Bible uses to teach us that God is looking for people who are after His own heart. The one which teaches us that even with weaknesses we can change by choice, not because we fear God but because we have the fear of God in our lives! David learned to honor God, and to abide by His commandments. Yes, he failed God. Yes, he was confronted. Yes, his actions resulted in heavy consequences. But David was drawn to obey God. The Lord called David a man after His own heart, because:

  • God saw how David fought off lions off of his sheep: like God’s own heart
  • David pursued pleasing His God: even when his life was at risk
  • After failing God, David sought the Lord’s forgiveness

Do you love others, or do you talk about them? When we love others, we fight for them. God give us insight of other people’s situations so that we can stand in the gap for them. He allows us to witness their weaknesses, fluctuating feelings and possible failures, so that we can fight on their behalf. You’ve got to learn to fight for yourself! Mommy, boyfriend and friends can help you fight, but they’ve got their own battles to fight! And it is our duty to help them fight!

When we love God, we long after mercy and righteousness. David could have killed the man who was persecuting him (Saul), but his respect for God prevented it. David had reverence for God, and mercy towards Saul. Have you ever not done something, as justifiable as it was because you know the scriptures?

Let’s pray:

Father God, most High and benevolent God. We give you glory and praise. Thank you for giving us faith to overcome the world. Thank you for causing us to triumph. Thank you Lord that you go with us, and that you go with us! Thank you for fighting against our enemies, and thank you for saving us. Thank you that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. In Jesus name, Amen.

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