Devotional 2/14

Bless our God, O peoples, and sound His praise abroad, Who keeps us in life and does not allow our feet to slip. For You have tried us, O God; You have refined us as silver is refined. You brought us into the net; You laid an oppressive burden upon our loins. You made men ride over our heads; We went through fire and through water, Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance. Psalm 66:8-12

 Thank you because it’s on its way

Do you ever stop to contemplate on His beauty? On how he has come through for you time and time again? Without faith it is impossible to please God. The Lord tells us in the scriptures to shout, sing and lift up holy hands! It is not a matter of talent, or personality: He knows we are all different but these commands are for all!!

Praising God is both a privilege and a pleasure. It brings us in direct connection with the presence of God. The word says that we enter His gates with thanksgiving, God’s workings impacted the psalmist, and he was grateful! So grateful that he wanted all the nations to exalt and praise God with Him. Our confidence is strengthened, when we read how God acted on behalf of others. And our faith grows when we hear testimonies and reflect on our own testimonies, praising God for His goodness increases our faith. Our shouts of praise, thanksgiving, and exaltation towards God romances Him. Aren’t you flabbergasted when others praise your abilities and capabilities, and for doing such a good job at this or that? God is similar to you. I remember early in my walk, the Lord told me to romance Him: I thought it was the funniest thing. I laughed for close to an hour, and I know it was God working something in my inner being. God is very interactive, I call Him romantic, but He also desires our participation and effort.

The word says that the Lord inhabits the praise of His people (Psalm 22:3): He makes His presence known in our midst. We praise Him as an expression of gratitude, and worship Him as we reverence and acknowledge Him. Praise something we express, and worship is how we live. Praise breaks through the oppression of darkness, and brings light to any circumstance. Praise also shifts our minds from ourselves and/or situations, to God: it is a catalyst effect which changes the position of our hearts. The word also speaks about the sacrifice of praise (Heb. 13:15), which refers to exalting God during our hard times and afflictions. Praising God does not depend on our mood, circumstance, or sentiment. We must all go through hard times, it is God’s way of refining us. He uses the trials in our lives so that we become more like the Lord Jesus. Meaning that, His trials are causing us to die to our flesh, on a daily basis.

Remember Joseph? David? Jesus Christ Himself? We may suffer, we may battle and it may wear us out- but God is Love and in His presence there is fullness of joy. The bible says that after we have suffered a while, the Lord would establish us. We know that He exalts the meek, and gives grace to the humble. He defends the cause of the righteous. And He also uses these experiences to bring us to another level, into a place of abundance (Psalm 66:12).

Let’s pray:

Thank you Father God, for your word. Thank you that each time we read it we can receive a boost of love and faith. I thank you for the battles, even if we feel weak or fed up. I thank you that you bless those who are faithful in little. Thank you that you search the hearts of your people. Thank you for birthing greater in each of us. I pray for those who are being tested and tried, may their faith give them the victory. I pray that you would do a new thing, and that we would perceive your working hand. May our paths be straightened, and may there be rivers in our desert and a road in the wilderness. In the name of the matcheless, and incomparable Jesus Christ, Amen.


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