Devotional 2/17

But the Lord said, “My grace is all you need. Only when you are weak can everything be done completely by my power.” So I will gladly boast about my weaknesses. Then Christ’s power can stay in me. 2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭

It’s one thing to say you believe. It’s another thing to have your faith tested & come out on the other side of it still believing God.

Joyce Meyer

Grace is all about God’s love enabling us to stand, to prosper and to obtain the victory. In the Greek, the word grace means complete payment. Instead of judging us, God’s Grace liberates and transforms us.

Father God is our loving and perfect Father. For instance, human parents still love their children for coloring on the walls, throwing tantrums or destroying their new pair of shoes. Father God loves us even when He does not approve of our choices. He loves us, even when we choose to do our own thing. He doesn’t look at us in a condescending, judgmental or punishing way. He looks at us as His children who He wants to help: we are valuable and good enough for Him. He actually holds us by the hand, and shows us His Grace: ‘my child, I see your struggle. I see you’ve been trying, and I reward you for those efforts. I’m also giving you strength to overcome in this season. I need you to get back up, refocus on me and give me your best praise. I will show you how to resist, to fight back and how to avoid falling. Can you trust me?’

Grace helps us believe that God has a way and a victory coming our way. Grace helps us build up the courage to face another day. Falling, or messing up in God’s eyes is sad, but God uses even that, for our own good! He sets us up for greater, and greater looks like GRACE.

  • Grace: learning new strategies to fight back, praying with more understanding, praying more, reading more, self development, etc.
  • Grace: being able to sleep, to smile, help others, function, etc.
  • Grace: secular or ministerial promotions, new relationships, abilities to love, forgive and/or have mercy on others, etc.
  • God’s Grace enables us to change. This is why Grace is enough, it’s power, a resource, and a person (Jesus Christ). We all experience weeks, months and even years of disappointment, frustration, shame or guilt when we let ourselves and God down. And as any human being with emotions, we will have days where sadness and discouragement cloud over us, and even engulf us. But during these times it is crucial that we ask God for grace to change our thought life. An old mindset will get stuck by focusing on what it goes through, and perceiving itself in a negative light. But God’s grace helps us see things how God wants us to: what can I learn about God through this? What good things can I learn about myself? What kind of positive changes can I work on?
  • Remember, every struggle builds our spiritual muscle and character. We cannot expect to be perfect, because we will be disappointed! We are human and bound to make wrong choices, fall for temptation and be seduced from God’s ways. It simply comes with the fallen nature package. The proof of your strength, is in your ability to get back up!

    Let’s pray:

    Lord God you’ve asked us in your word to love justice and mercy, and to walk humbly with you. I ask you Jesus to help us walk in your grace, not as a license to sin but as our power to stand. I ask you for protection of our minds and hearts and for your peace to surround us, as we continue to grow in you. Prosper us Lord, even as our souls prosper. In Jesus name, Amen.

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