Devotionals 2/21

For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. 1 Corinthians 16:9

The Lord will open doors of promotion for us, only when he knows we are able to perform.

John K. Jenkins, Sr.

Thank you father God for all that you are doing in this season. We know that you open doors, and we are to do the walking! But Lord God I do present to you those doors which have opened, and where we may be hesitant to step in faith.

May we take the necessary steps into the opportunities which you have brought into our lives. I thank you for new beginnings, new blessings and new opportunities to be effective for your name’s sake. I thank you for open doors of promotion, new seasons and new levels. Thank you for giving us our best, most reliable, mighty counselor the Holy Spirit! Thank you for all the work you do for us, the doors you open, the healing, the liberation, the encouragement, the empowerment, the ideas, the defense and absolutely all that you do Lord. Thank you for your companionship father God, that you never leave us nor forsake us.

I ask you Lord on behalf of my loved ones, and the family in Christ around the world: May we remain pure, holy, reverential and in your word. May we value our relationship with you above all things. May we hide ourselves in you, and not drive the Spirit away, but welcome you to do your work.

Lord God, I ask you to connect us with the people who are assigned to us: those people who we are to bless, heal and minister to and those people who are assigned to do the same for us. I ask you for partnerships in the secular spectrum, where we would do business, organizational, political or community gatherings together for your glory. May you guide us to meet our spouses, as well. We invite these people into our lives. May we not be prey to enchantment, fascination or deception when you open these doors. I pray for us to be receptive and responsive to the opportunities you bring our way. And any body that is fearful, or in a negative state of mind, I plead with you Lord to deal with them in the secret of their hearts so they do not miss their opportunity and timing.

Lord Jesus, thank you opening doors and closing other ones. Although it hurts at times to wait, or to let go of things we hold so dearly- your ways are above ours. Your will is good, perfect and pleasing. We trust you. I welcome you to open doors of opportunity to us, so that Your will may be done.

May we receive wisdom, discernment and direction to know when a doors has not been closed but in need of a push or two. May we learn to push and jump over barriers and obstacles. I ask you for keen discernment to know when an opportunity is of You and when it is not. I pray for discernment to know when doors have not been closed, and that in the face of resistance, or demonic activity we may not give up, but persist in prayer and action.

May we pray more fervently, become more vigilant and be more thankful in our relationship with you. May you also open doors for your word to be taught, preached and discussed. May the mystery of Christ be revealed through us Lord. I also ask you Lord, to teach us to do Your will and you long to do good works through us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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