Devotional 2/22

You formed the way I think and feel. You put me together in my mother’s womb. Psalms‬ ‭139:13‬ ‭

But by the grace of God, I am what I am…

Have you ever stopped to think about how detailed God is? He is the creator of all things seen, and of what we don’t see. He created the earth, the moon and the stars. He created our physical attributes, and even designed our personalities.

In the KJV, the Psalm says that the Lord created and ‘possesses our reins’. In the Hebrews, this phrase is translated as kidneys; which was believed to be our center of emotions. And as we all know the soul, is the seat of the will, the thoughts and emotions. We are His beloved: we have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Identical twins look the same on the outside, but on the inside their personalities are different.

  • They are born in the same day, same time, share the same household, schools and so much more. But their dreams, ambitions, tempers, likes/dislikes, and so many other intricate details vary from each other.
  • Sometimes when I watch the news, hear stories or watch movies I get emotional- and some people may laugh at me. It doesn’t mean that any of us is wrong, we are simply different creatures. God gave each of us a different yet purpose-filled personality. If you stop to think about what makes you angry, or what is wrong in the world… it’s the very thing God is calling you to fix! Don’t be mad at yourself for being who you are. God doesn’t change our personality, He refines our character.
  • We deserve the best of the best, because God gave His life for you and for me. He called us on purpose, and knowing what He was getting into. For instance, God placed passions in our personalities: He’s also aware that we may misuse those passions. He gave others a laid back nature, and He is aware that these people may need extra attention or outside impulse to get going. He gave some creativity and imagination: knowing that we may need a coach or mentor to lead us in the right direction! Or maybe God gave some of us ambition: He knows we like nice things, and may need a financial coach to steward our money. There is nothing God is not aware of. He is sovereign! We are His creation. God created us with distinct personalities on purpose!
  • We are worthy in God’s eyes, worthy of His love and attention. He finds us worthy to receive His grace, favor and mercy. Even when we don’t feel good enough, righteous, beautiful, handsome or perfect! We were created as an extension of God’s glory.
  • You are worthy to be loved. You are enough and you are a display of God’s glory.
  • Let’s pray:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us your grace and glory. Thank you for giving us a Comforter until the end of our days. Thank you for never abandoning us or neglecting us. Thank you Almighty, Everlasting father that we are beautiful, there is no flaw in us. You word is alive, and I pray for a quickening in each of our spirits. Anybody that is stuck in their mistakes, in their sin, or even in a bad mood. May you quicken their spirits to know and receive your perfect love! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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