Devotional 3/7

You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.” Genesis 4:7

Success in our lives, highly depends on how we deal with temptation…

How is it that God promises us the best life, yet we live lives telling us different? How can king David be anointed king, yet had to hide in a cave running from his frie-nemy? We live in a fallen world, in fallen nature- it’s not your strength which makes you strong: its your heart.

We all have sin crouching at our door. When I speak of temptation, sin or disobedience most people think sex, drugs, alcohol, murder or violence, etc. But disobedience is much broader. All disobedience is to fall short of God’s glory. If you can make decisions, you’ve got it made. To follow Jesus means to be all in: pick up your cross AND follow. You could never be a disciple of Christ if you choose to do your own thingChoosing your own thing is rooted in arrogance, and bears the fruit of going outside of God’s will.

  • the action of relapsing into bad ways or error.


  • (biblical) a lack of regard for authority or rulership: or stubbornness

Disobedience begin in our minds, and grows in our hearts. For example, if you desire the love you never received as a child, you may be tempted to become a superstar, a perfectionist or a people pleaser. Someone who was loved as a child would not even consider these things, but would otherwise sin against God by being a liar, a thief, a scammer, a cheater, etc. It is wise to stay grounded, the Lord can test you with faithfulness, submission, humility, obedience, tithing, patience, and so much more. It is not wise to jump from church to church, as it is not wise to jump from spouse to spouse or job to job. The Lord places us in a community of believers, to grow, to learn, to commune, to edify and encourage, to develop, to bear witness and to fight for one another. The family in Christ is a set up from God, and when you leave His order outside of His will- sin is crouching at your door. Each decision we make, whether good or bad reap a consequence. And we cause God  to teach us through experience what we don’t learn through wisdom and instruction!

The gospel moves us to love God in return: we love Him, because He first loved us! We want to be obedient, we want to serve and we want to live a holy life: but it takes courage to take up your cross and humility to follow Him. Jesus was serious: He expects us to be willing to give up everything, even our logical reasoning, our history and our opinions! Everything seems like a lot, but God’s will in exchange doesn’t seem so bad.

Let’s pray:

Father God thank you for everything You have blessed us with, forgive us if we don’t thank you as much as we ask for help. Lord Jesus, we all like to have control and sometimes we go hard in our strength, only to find that we fail or disappoint you. Hide us in you Jesus, so that we be not stubborn in mind or spirit. Consume pride from our life by your consuming fire. Keep us Lord from sinning against you in spirit, through ingratitude, envy, hate, discontentment, and all those things. May we not sin against you in our flesh, by worshipping others, people, things, or using our bodies as instruments of wickedness in any way. I also ask you to cleanse us from wrongdoing, and give us the conviction to live humble lives of  integrity before you. In Jesus name, AMEN!

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