Devotional 3/19

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! 1 Corinthians 15:57

Your warfare is an indication to the level of your breakthrough!

Medina Pullings

If Satan’s snipers can hit or wound our hearts and minds, then they can direct our actions with heavy influence. The Lord gave us spiritual weapons with which to combat. Ephesians 6 says that we must take the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of Truth, the shoes of peace and the sword of the Spirit to extinguish and block all the flaming darts dispatched from the enemy camp.

  • When he wants you to leave God, then he will shoot at your head, to make you get thoughts of no longer being saved, or give you thoughts about the grass being greener in Egypt, than in Christ.
  • He will shoot at your heart so that you would resist God’s voice: the enemy will manipulate situations so that we will end in a stubborn mindset, an arrogant attitude or an indifferent hardened heart (Heb. 3).
  • He will shoot directly at our truth of belt, so that we lose conviction and become confused about who God is and how He feels about us.
  • He will shoot at your feet so that you would no longer walk in peace, lose confidence and lose our readiness to fight. The shoes of peace represents preparation and readiness: conviction of our position in Christ. When the enemy gets our feet we are no longer willing to fight, we lose sight of how the enemy can trap us, and we lose the confidence we have in Christ’s power and authority working through us.
  • The shield is the faith, the conviction, confidence and beliefs we can use against whatever Satan is attacking.
  • The sword of the Spirit, is the word of God which we declare against whatever Satan is attacking.

One form of attack are the fiery darts from Satan. I call these sniper shots, these are flaming darts or arrows, which are assignments sent against churches and specific people of purpose. They are aimed to different parts of the armor, specifically our heart and minds. Our minds and hearts are extremely important, because they drive where we go. What kind of thoughts come against you? What is the enemy trying to instigate? The next attack I feel led to describe is tricky because it is Satan using and triggering our flesh. Many people deduce temptation to drugs, sex before marriage or adultery but temptation is all around us. We are tempted to give up on God, to get our own way, to do, to think, feel or believe anything which is contrary to the word of God. We have desires, which are not necessarily good or bad but they are feelings/yearnings which move us to action. These things may be good for us, but we become enticed when we go about it in our own way. For instance, we desire relief: so we begin to avoid people, or look for escapes other than God. We want peace, and go to music or social media, instead of going to God in prayer. We want a break from pain, and stop going to church, stop taking meds, or commit suicide than to keep moving forward in faith and in the scriptures.

God gave us weaponry to defend ourselves! It’s the armor of God. If you notice a debilitating thought, then you’ve been hit by a sniper shot. We all get hit every now and then, but we can heal as all wounded soldiers do. A wound can be treated, surgically removed or ignored.

Do the work each and every time you are hit: we must be willing to dig! Search your heart, ask God to show you in the Spirit, to give you visions, dreams, or to speak to you through His word or through a vessel of His. If you’ve been deeply wounded then you must use the paramedics: leadership in Christ. Tell them what’s going on, ask for prayer and fast together. DO NOT ignore the wounds: your insides are going to be infected.

Let’s pray:

Father God, thank you for your word. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your instruction. I pray you teach your sons and daughters to enter warfare for themselves, and that if they have been hit they would make it their personal business to be healed. I ask that you teach your children to know how the enemy attacks them, and when they are being attacked. I thank you for your grace, your strength and your love. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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