Devotional 4/2

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Isaiah 42:27

A dog can’t be anything but a dog, a tree can’t be anything but a tree. Human being you’ve got unlimited potential.

Les Brown

Lord God, you are true and you are faithful. Today I bring so many things before your throne. Nothing is too hard for you God. You are the Almighty God, the awesome God, the benevolent, the wonderful counselor, the warrior whose mighty in battle. Lord we believe in you, and your power.

I present my sister in Christ to you, you know exactly what she’s going through and I pray for deliverance. I rebuke every spirit of confusion, mental fog, mental blockage, anxiety, daydreaming and all forms of spacing out: I plead the blood of Jesus over her. I know you have the power, the desire and ability to defeat the demons which oppress her. I also ask you to show and teach her what exactly she is battling with, and give her strategy to overcome!

I present the youth of this nation Lord, may each person receive a tangible revelation of your love for them. Cover the children in your blood lord God, keep them from accidents, sexual abuse, murder and calamities. My God rebuke Satan’s attacks from their lives, look at the children in schools lord- May you open the understanding of parents and children so that school may become priority for both sides. My God, I ask you to awaken the children from spiritual slumber, I pray you destroy the seductive spirits behind video games and social media which hypnotize the kids all day long.

My God I ask you for the youth Lord, only you can make a difference in this world: we need your help. I pray for the Mother’s and fathers in this nation, who are suffering, who are worried sick, who are under pressure and stressed beyond their coping abilities: Lord, stretch your hand to help them Holy Spirit. Help them with raising and speaking to their children, with decision making, with time management, with self care, with loving themselves too, and with their finances.

I present each ministry we are involved in, and pray for unity, the will and pleasure to work and team teamwork amongst your Church Lord God. May we expand your kingdom and edify the saints. Bless our churches with love, wisdom and Holy Ghost power. May your churches exalt you above all, may we see the manifestations of your glory: May we see you break chains, release the captive, heal the sick, mend the broken, give sight to the blind, give wholeness to the lame, the mute, the deaf and restore the minds.

Father God, I present to you the kingdom entrepreneurs, and those who adore the like. I pray for wisdom, strategy, persistence, courage and determination to prosper the works of these people’s hands. I as you to open the hearts of your people to take their position in the marketplace. May we bear fruit in every place you have placed us, and lead us into the right alignment with your plans.

In the matchless, incomparable name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen and Amen.

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