Devotional 4/6

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Wholeness begins when you accept God’s love.

God is amazing. We love God, because God loved us first. God loves us no matter what goes on in our head. He loves us despite of the choices we make. He wants us despite of the many times we get frustrated or act out of uncertainty. Trust is required to deal with the things that are beyond our control. 

The Lord is so detailed, He knows what we need before we know that we need them. He knows our thoughts: He knows what we are going to say even before we say it. He loves us even when we know better and don’t do better. He has our back, and He wants us to trust Him. We don’t always have answers to our questions. We vaguely understand what goes on around us. And quite honestly, the things that happen to us and the people around us tend to make us question God, people and ourselves. One thing I do believe is that mysteries belong to God! He knows what is going on, and He knows why. We can trust God because He knows our needs. Strongholds keep us from the life God wants us to live. For instance, strongholds of anxiety, pride and guilt keep us from resting in God. Strongholds are thoughts driven by emotion: walls Satan uses to hold us captive.

God will never leave us and is always with us at all times, NO MATTER WHAT. The whole world is His footstool. God is present during the painful events of our lives, and He uses them for our good. The word says that the Lord draws our hearts to Him. God allows hard times in our lives so that we would reach out to Him.

He knows you, and what you are capable of. He also loves us when we are in sin, when we run and hide and when we resist Him. He is the author of our lives, and He narrates our story in love.

He knows who belongs in our lives, and who we are appointed to help. The Lord knows what is inside of you and what you are capable of, if He brings you o it… if He gives you ideas… Don’t worry about being qualified. God is giving you a glimpse of your future. And all things work for our good.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus your love is amazing. Your love is divine. We give you glory for consuming our darkness with your love. Thank you Jesus. Today I pray for full revelations of your perfect love towards each of us. May each of us and our loved ones experience your love to the upmost. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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