Devotional 4/8

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12

How could we do greater things than the Lord, when He’s the greatest?!

The Most High God says, I want people to glorify me for what YOU do and how YOU live. YOU are the instrument I am using to bring them to me.

God has given us authority, creativity and a holy identity. When we live from the spirit, we live how God wants us to live and we do what He wills us to do. We glorify God in what we do for Him by serving. Service:

  • the action of helping or doing work for someone:
  • act of assistance, good turn, favor, kindness, helping hand.

Evangelism is to spread the gospel. But service is more than inviting someone to church or giving them a pamphlet to read. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will have us sing a song, do a dance, make a joke, blow a kiss, wear a particular item of clothing, or even do a worldly thing, like quote a movie or a song to speak to others! One of the greatest evangelist in the Bible, Mr. Paul said: I am free, but I become every-thing in order to save some (1 Cor. 9:19). 

Spirit filled believers are not like the world who, follow after trends, their flesh, or emotional stimuli. We belong to God, His HOLY Spirit is our guide. He gives us access to know what God thinks about people and what He wants to do. He teaches us to live holy and creative lives. God cannot be fit into a theology or a doctrine. Those may be fundamental teachings, but life requires that we take God out of a box!

The Holy Spirit of God is so awesome! He is the ultimate creative strategist! He is not ordinary. For instance, at a wedding Jesus turned water into wine. God used a peculiar and clever circumstance to perform His first miracle. He met the very human and practical needs of a people. Think about it… celebration, music, dancing, relationships, social status, money, fashion, family, students (disciples) and GOD. Water to Wine at a party! What?

We are used to knowing God as the Holy and Highly exalted one, but He cannot be placed in a box. He leads us into freedom. Everything is allowed to do, but not everything is beneficial. We are free to do anything, but we are not to become its slave. God is not black and white, He created the rainbow!

Let’s pray:

Lord God, thank you for being our ultimate strategist. Thank you for giving some of us full understanding of true freedom in you. I pray for your children to receive you as Lord and Savior but also that they may understand what it means to be free. Help your children to take you out of a box. Make us evangelists like Paul Lord, help us meet people’s needs like Jesus. I ask you for these favors in Jesus name, Amen.

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