Devotional 4/9

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

The purpose of prayer is to change your mind, so that you could see through the eyes of God.

It’s either, walk in truth and be free or walk in a lie and be bound. Holy Spirit doesn’t tell us what to do: we are not robots! He teaches us the right things to do, and as children we choose. We choose what to believe, what to change and what to release. When the Truth sets you free, then you are free indeed. But freedom depends on what we personally believe about:

  • God’s redemptive work at the cross
  • His unique love for us
  • Our reason for living

Walking in Truth means to believe the Bible! It frees us from death and condemnation. You can tell someone is walking in bondage when they condemn themselves and others: they drown in pity parties: or see themselves as victims. This is not voluntary but influenced by demonic oppression, the flesh and the darkness of the soul.

  • Walking in truth creates a healthy fear of God. The fear of God is to respect God and His word, and to fear the consequences of sin. Ultimately, the consequences of sin is for our relationship with God to suffer. Our relationship with God suffers when we sadden or quench the Holy Spirit of God. In addition, we are also very much aware of God’s justice: we will receive correction and/or judgement from God. 
  • Walking in truth also helps us avoid doing the wrong things before God, because we resist Satan (the father of lies). And by pulling down strongholds and casting down imaginations we destroy any darkness in our hearts! If we fail to walk in truth, our progress will be blocked and we’ll become indifferent and lukewarm. Walking in a lie will take us into the broad world of sin (omission, idolatry and/or rebellion).
  • The Lord wants us to walk in Truth so that we serve and worship Him from a place of love. Walking in Truth is to love God and love others. Walking in truth is to dismiss the lies of Satan! Walk in the Truth y’all!

    Let’s pray:

    Lord Jesus, thank you for Holy Spirit, our counselor. Thank you for your patience, help and guidance. Today I ask you to help us all to walk in your truth. May we resist the devil, and may we pull down strongholds, thoughts and imaginations which exalt themselves above your Truth. You are Truth, the way and the life. In your name Jesus I pray. Amen.

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