Devotional 4/13

Then the report was checked out. It was learned that Mordecai’s report was true. The two guards who had planned to kill the king were hanged on a post. All these things were written down in the king’s book of chronicles in front of the king. Esther‬ ‭2:23‬ ‭

God remembers you.

The scripture above tells a story of how Mordecai saved the king’s life. Life has a funny way of panning out and Mordecai can testify!

See this story tells us of an arrogant man named Haman who sought to destroy all of the Jews in the Persian empire. He almost got away with his plan, and even to kill Mordecai. Mordecai was a Jew, who raised Esther, the queen who was married to King Xerxes. After an intricate plot the tables turned in the Jews favor, and against Haman. He was killed and the Jews were saved!

Mordecai did not know that by telling Esther of the Eunuchs plan to kill King Xerxes; he would save his life and all of the Jews in the Persian Empire. It just so happened that Mordecai’s good deed and loyalty to the King was recorded! His name was written in the king’s book of Chronicles, and brought deliverance to Mordecai and the Jews. Chronicles:

  • A written record of historical events
  • Historical events in a time line

Did you know that the Lord God has taken notes of your prayers, good deeds and sacrifices? Our lord Jesus said that our names are written in heaven (Luke 10:20). Our names are written in God’s books. For example, the Book of life has the names of those who will receive eternal life (Rev. 3:5). And the good deeds of those who fear the Lord are recorded in the Book of Remembrance (Mal. 3:17). Faithful service may go on for years, but it is not going unnoticed! God is taking notes!

The Lord sees your work, He listens to your prayers and He receives your genuine and sincere offerings of praise, sacrifice and worship. God has a time for your deliverance! He will free you from the stress, suffering and affliction. It’s not only for you, like Mordecai, but for all who are attached to you!

Let’s pray:

Father God, thank you for remembering us. Thank you for writing our names in the book of Life. May we conquer in faith, hide us from falling away or abandoning you: may our names never be blotted out of the book of life. Help us to not become rebellious, angry or evil like the Jews who thought that you had forgotten them. Renew our hope in you Jesus, may we expect and receive of your blessings and glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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