Devotional 4/19

The pain you’ve experienced doesn’t compare to the glory to be revealed. Romans 8:18

In my deepest wound, I saw your glory.

St. Augustine

There’s a place in God, where His love, glory and healing make all the difference. This place is not in church, and it’s less likely to be found in the world. It’s a place of intimacy and surrender in God. Our Lord Jehovah is taking us to a different place in the spirit.

Life can be quite the rollercoaster. Life is a mix of ups and downs. But in God we can receive joy and healing. Healing brings life. The love of God brings us to an inexplicable peace, and calm which stills and propels us.

After healing we are able to speak freely of the very hurtful things which broke us. Once healed we can empower others dealing with loss, grief and affliction. We become living testimonies that even though those moments are never forgotten -but in God there is hope and healing. Jesus Christ was offended, mutilated, disrespected, and crucified! But on the 3rd day He resurrected! The glory He walked in after His resurrection, was much greater than His pain.

Our journeys with God are all different, but we all get the opportunity to explore God’s goodness. One of God’s greatest works in us, is healing. This is because He wants us to grow and mature, even operate in another level of anointing in Him.

Let’s pray:

Lord God Almighty, you are a benevolent God. A merciful and compassionate God, you were tempted as we are. And you leaned on the father for strength and direction. Today I pray we all receive healing in all the areas where you see fit to mend. I thank you in advance for healing, and surrender our hearts to you. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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