Devotional 5/8

But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers. 1 Kings 19:4

There is no time so dark in life that God cannot reach out and wrap us in the comfort of His Love.

Elijah had intimacy with God. He knew God. God used him. When Elijah prayed to the Lord, God did not only hear him, but the Almighty showed up on the scene! He called fire down from heaven, he opened and closed heaven so that it would or would not rain. But Elijah was a mere mortal, a man of frailties and passions, just like us.

After God’s manifestation, Elijah killed all of the Baal prophets! He defied 450 of Baal’s prophets and 400 of Ashertot’s prophets: they were all slain! After this great victory, Jezebel looked to get even with Elijah! But he was tired. He was physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained and went into the wilderness for peace, protection and rest. We can experience battle fatigue, even after our greatest victories.

While in the wilderness Elijah told God three interesting things: I’m done, I’ve had enough, take my life, and I won’t do any better than my forefathers.  

  • You may be tired but God reminds us that we are like Elijah- we simply need to eat and recharge.
  • We may want to end it all but God is waiting to take us our NEXT.
  • Your family may have been bound, but God is calling you to be free: Break the generational curses! You are enough! You are worth it!

Elijah needed time to get his mind right: the fatigue made him unable to think clearly, but God knew he needed strength. The Lord understood: He let him sleep, and brought him food and drink. Elijah needed to rest and recoverWe are tri-part beings: our soul, body and spirit are interconnected. For instance, if we are emotionally drained it will reflect on our bodies and vice versa. Another example is when we’re sleepy, we become delirious or anxious. Exhaustion keeps us from having the correct perspective and it robs us of the strength required for God’s NEXT. 

God is with you. He is with you during your struggle with poverty, depression, doubt, confusion. He is with you through it all.

Let’s pray:

Lord your word says that you have good thoughts for our future full of hope and prosperity. Help us to fill our minds with truth. Help us rest in the spirit in you, and give us the wisdom to rest physically as well. I pray you help everyone who is tempted to give up Lord, anyone who feels like they’ve had enough: may you give them rest Lord, please remind us that you have a NEXT level, a NEXT season, a NEXT blessing in store. In Jesus name, Amen.

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