Devotional 5/12

Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her; Proverbs 31:28

Self-care is the most important way to boost and maintain both emotional and physical health.

Caring for others requires a level of sacrifice, but not at the expense of your own health. I speak to mothers on a daily basis, and it is so evident that they would do anything they need to do for their children. Mothers forget that they, too, matter.

To all the mothers who have sleepless nights thinking about how the wellbeing of their children. To the mothers who sacrifice they’re own comfort for they’re children to sleep good. To all the mothers who give up their jobs to be stay at home moms. To all the moms who work any and all jobs to keep a roof over their kids heads. To all the mothers who did painful things for their sons and daughters to shine on the other side. To all the hurting moms, the single moms, the lost moms, the disappointed moms, the scared moms! You are all chosen women! God trusted YOU with His creation.

You’re doing an awesome job.

Many of us are spiritual mothers and fathers, we care for others as if they were our own children. But what many parents and leaders fail to realize is that in order for us to be our optimum best, we too must take care of ourselves.

In case of an emergency on an airplane, the flight attendants tell us that we must put on the oxygen masks FIRST! If mommy (or daddy) have no oxygen, how can they be there for the children? Children need to eat, laugh, cry, take naps and have fun: so should we! Some people believe that by staying busy and doing something at all times means they are being productive– but it’s not true. Many parents, church leaders, employers and other high achieving people run themselves to a burn out. May you all receive the rest your soul needs. May you all receive the honor and appreciation you deserve. May God shower you with His love and favor. May God heal those parts of you which are hurting. May his wounds heal all the sickness and abuse in your body parts. May you see a better tomorrow with every new day. And May you receive all that your hearts desire.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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