Devotional 7/2

He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3

Let the lover of your soul, restore it.

The Lord God wants to restore our souls this season! He wants to do this, he doesn’t want us to do this by our own strength, remember we’re collaborators with Christ. The Lord wants to glorify Himself through us, and part of doing so, is to restore our souls.

One way of another we need some soul restoration! We all know what it is to feel less than, rejected, disappointed, heartbroken, ashamed, etc. Our souls are fragmented, they’re broken or damaged. Following Jesus, yet battling with bad habits, rebellion, ambivalence, disbelief, distress, the occult, etc. We’re all in need of deliverance (healing or liberation): we all have some kind of soul issue.

The soul is made up of three compartments: the mind, the will and the emotions. When God tells us to renew our minds (Eph. 4:30), He’s telling us to renovate our souls. The flesh and the Spirit both speak to the soul, and for the soul to adequately process the information given- it needs to be restored. God cares about our hearts and minds, He knows that a broken soul, means broken focus and no self-control.

  • If you ever find yourself making wrong decisions again and again, or even going in cycles- it means you have a soul issue (the mind).
  • If you find yourself angry, envious, bitterness, etc. consistently, or you struggle with being happy or joyful, then you have a soul issue (the heart).
  • If you find yourself in indecision, laziness, procrastination, or restlessness, then you have a soul issue (the will). The will tells of what we want and desire: where were going next, and what we will be doing. For example, “I’ll be going to the gym tonight”, “I’m going to pray when I wake up”, or “I will save money for vacation this summer”.


God will restore our souls, as He leads us in His paths of righteousness. God’s path is His will, which is good, perfect and pleasing. It is good and perfect for us (Rom. 12:2). It’s in perfect harmony and alignment with who we are, with our character, with our temperament and with our influence, our scope of influence. The will of God is pleasing to us, and to Himself. He knows what we like and dislike; it’s in perfect harmony with who God created us to be.

God, our father wants to restore your heart your vision, your dreams, your aspirations, your relationships. He wants to restore you this season: He wants to restore your soul.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I pray that it falls on fertile ground. I pray that you do a mighty work in each of us Lord God. May you heal the past, the present and even reach into the future and show us where we are headed. I pray that we could rest in you, that we could cry out to you Lord God. May we be sincere before you in prayer Jesus. I pray you would block the enemy from sabotage, and that we may flow with what you’re doing in this season my God. I pray you would open up the windows of heaven and make every crooked path straight. Lord God I pray Lord Jesus that you will give us discernment, wisdom and strategy to do all that you would want us to do in this season. May we be obedient. In Jesus name, Amen. See the source image


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