Prayer: For God to bring His salvation

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. John 1:1

Jesus Christ is the Word of God, who was made flesh for our sake.

Thank you Lord Jesus for another day. Thank you for being the ever present God; the one who is with us through each and every situation. Thank you for opening our eyes to see and experience your all knowing and all powerful being. Today I pray for all the people who want to know you but do not believe they are ‘good enough’, or able to ‘submit to your rules or regulations”. I ask you give them supernatural strength to move forward and towards you. I pray they can stand firm in the faith they have, and in their hunger and thirst for the Truth, for a higher being or for a spiritual experience.  

Thank you for being our balm of Gilead Jesus, for healing our hearts and changing our minds. I pray you protect the minds and hearts of those who don’t know you yet. Protect them from spirits of confusion, insanity and delusion. I ask you to open the eyes of their understanding, so that they may come close to you. Your word says that you come close to those who come close to you, so I pray that this is their experience. I pray your angels would be dispatched and they would minister to those who are to be saved!

Thank you for being our mighty deliverer, the God who fights for us, saving us and freeing us from all things. I ask you Lord to have mercy on us all. I ask you Holy Spirit to visit those who are struggling with faith, those who have been feeding their curiosity with the different truths given by the world and those who willfully resist and oppose you. I ask you to open each persons mind and heart to move past hearsay and knowledge. May each person take a leap of faith to seek you. I ask you to soften their hearts so that they may perceive and receive you, and I also ask you to convict them of their wrongs and need of you God. 

I also stand in the gap for those who have resisted you, those who are thinking about you and have fears of going to church or committing themselves to you, I pray you meet them where they are. I stand in the gap for those who have been introduced to different belief systems; but have a desire to find out if YOU are real and are afraid to take a step of faith: may you be the fire in their bones to do so. Your word says that whoever believes will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. I pray that Your will to save us all is fulfilled.

And finally, I also pray for those who have drifted away from the truth. I ask you Lord Jesus to awaken their spirit, and put a will and desire for you again. May you visit each individual Jesus. We may not be able to reach all people, but you can reach them Lord. Nothing is impossible for you Lord.

May they receive life through your son Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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