Intimacy with God

… but now I think that all things are worth nothing compared with the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Because of Christ, I lost all these things, and now I know that they are all worthless trash. All I want now is Christ. Philippians 3:8

Biblical knowledge is far better than gold when it fuels our trust in God. Otherwise, it only fuels our pride.
Jon Bloom

Intimacy is not a morning to night ordeal, it takes time to reveal different facets of ourselves to each other. The same is true of God. He reveals Himself to us with every blessing and each trial that comes our way. 

When we begin to walk with the Lord, we get to decide how close we want to walk. The Lord can be as close as we need Him to be, or we can be close enough to say we are saved. He is intimate with us, if we trust Him. If you are anything like me, I was not able to trust God, myself or any other person because of my upbringing. And God can change us in the blink of an eye… but He prefers our relationship with Him to be a journey.

In wisdom, God tests our faith. Our flesh does not desire God. Pride has no desire for God.  If you feel ashamed before God, I pray you receive His forgiveness. If you feel God is uncertain, I pray you have a deeper conviction of trust in your life. And if you feel afraid of God, I pray for your healing.

Our faith pleases God. Surrender to the will of God, He wants to glorify His name through your life.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I pray you strengthen our cores. May you give us deeper convictions of your love and  power. I pray we can trust you, and pour our hearts before you as your word says. I ask you to help us through each season, even the ones which are unclear. I give you honor and praise in Jesus name, Amen.  

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